Pay & Trace Automation

Managing complex pricing with multiple partners and channels manually is challenging and prone to revenue leakage. Flintfox offers a comprehensive solution to streamline your sales trace and chargeback processes.

With Flintfox, you can Manage Contract Pricing: Simplify and automate the management of contract pricing agreements. Automate Claim Back Processes: Ensure accuracy and efficiency in claim back processes to prevent revenue leakage. Handle Complex Pricing and Rebates: Seamlessly manage intricate pricing structures and rebates within a single application.

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What it does

Flintfox seamlessly maps files from any source, including EDI, Excel and flat files. The platform features specific maps for each distributor or customer with  detailed cross-referencing for each data type. The system supports matching codes for different categories, including indirect and direct sales, products, units of measure and rebate categories.

You can establish a cross-reference table for each distributor, which allows for quick updates of missing cross-references flagged during import validation. Our solution includes templates for any type of agreement.

Data can be easily maintained via flexible import, export and maintenance facilities. Trade Agreements manage direct and indirect price lists, GPO and end-user contracts, as well as discounts, rebates, commissions and administrative fees.

Our platform enables efficient management, validation and processing of diverse claiming files. Automation and smart mapping ensure claims can be quickly validated, while meeting the strictest service level agreements. This dramatically reduces leakage.

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What it solves

Flintfox streamlines the management of contract pricing and automates the claim-back process. Get the control you need over indirect pricing and every type of offer.

With Flintfox, you gain access to a single point of control for all pricing, rebates, and accruals (both direct and indirect). Users can manage every aspect quickly and accurately.

This simplified process saves significant time and money.

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The outcome

Manage all your pricing with confidence, knowing all the data is accurately traced.

Our automated system tracks deductions, chargebacks and claims. This significantly reduces leakage caused by inaccuracies and time-consuming manual processes.

You also gain total visibility of dead net margins and precise payments to downstream partners. This enhances relationship building and revenue management, and ultimately leads to better business outcomes.

Seamless integration with your ERP

Ready to get started?

Calculate and deliver pricing, rebates, claims and deductions in real-time so you can protect margins and maximize revenue.

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