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Delivering competitive advantage

Our expertise is in developing trade and revenue management software and providing ERP consulting and implementation services.

Flintfox software

We deliver Revenue Management software to help businesses better manage their pricing, accruals and rebates, enabling them to be more flexible, competitive and profitable.

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Flintfox services

Experts in implementing, managing and optimising Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, AX, and NAV to meet the business objectives of manufacturing, retail and distribution businesses.

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What's your role?

Business runs better with Flintfox

Supercharge your pricing performance

Add fuel to your complex pricing and get requests in less than one tenth of a millisecond.

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Easy vendor rebates

 Quickly and accurately create, accrue and reconcile vendor rebates.

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Specialists in ERP implementation and optimisation

Unlock your competitiveness with our deep domain experience in AX, NAV & Dynamics 365 for Operations across manufacturing, distribution and retail.

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With over 150 enterprise clients, Flintfox software provides the revenue management framework for billions of dollars in trade spend annually

Our software is transforming business all over the globe

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