Price Simulation

Model pricing scenarios in a single application to maximize margins and profitability. Simulate complex and daily pricing, to easily manage rebates and accruals your way.

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What it does

What it does

Our Price Simulation tool enables users to model a wide range of pricing scenarios, generated from one centralĀ  application. With Flintfox you can handle everything from the simplest daily prices to complex, multi-layered pricing structures.

You can compare pricing across dates, customers, vendors, companies/entities and channels. Our platform analyzes pricing and margins from the top to bottom of the pricing waterfall. You can check everything, including rebates, chargebacks and other accrued programs.

What it solves

What it solves

For the first time, understand and predict the impact of different pricing strategies on your bottom line.

With Flintfox, you can instantly view dead net pricing and model margins. This provides critical insights into the financial outcomes of potential pricing decisions before they are implemented.

The price simulation ensures that pricing strategies are both competitive and profitable.

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The outcome

Our price simulation tool ensures that you can confidently model and apply pricing strategies within a single, integrated application to maximize both revenue and profitability.

Gain the ability to make informed, data-driven pricing decisions quickly and efficiently to enhance your competitiveness in the market and ensure you meet financial targets.

Seamless integration with your ERP

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Calculate and deliver pricing, rebates, claims and deductions in real-time so you can protect margins and maximize revenue.

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