The 3 Ps of Intelligent Pricing

So that’s where we come in. We give businesses a way to implement pricing changes with precision, resulting in what we call ‘The Three Ps’: productivity, payback, and profit.


Reclaim that time spent laboring over spreadsheets. Our customers save on average 72 hours a day, yielding $1M in cost savings or productivity gains.

In today’s volatile world, businesses can’t afford to spend weeks analyzing data and implementing pricing changes; agility is key to survival. Flintfox connects all your disparate data sets to give you the visibility and ability to make dynamic changes to 5,000 prices per second. And you can automate your rebate and promotions management to ensure every cent is claimed on time.

A US manufacturing customer saw a 90% reduction in invoice pricing disputes one week into go-live, while one of our distribution customers reduced the time to reconcile vendor rebates by 96%. That’s cash in the bank, not your suppliers’ pockets.


Intelligent Pricing Automation is the quickest win you could hope for.

Our customers are seeing an ROI on their investment in Flintfox in less than 12 weeks. From reduced error rates from 90% to ZERO, $300K recovery in unclaimed rebates, to 5x omnichannel growth – we instantaneously become part of your organization’s plumbing – the leaky tap that has been driving you crazy is now fixed!


The bottom line is back. The barrage of shocks of the last two years has put a sharp focus on profit. The risk is that businesses retrench, attempt to achieve profit through cost savings, and sacrifice growth. But profit doesn’t have to be at the expense of growth. There are endless opportunities for incremental gains; you just need to be able to find them.

One of our customers added over $100,000 a month to their bottom line through reduced pricing errors and for other businesses this can go higher depending on how deep your pricing strategy goes.

And that’s your three Ps! Automated, intelligent pricing execution is the low-hanging fruit of digital transformation and an opportunity that’s guaranteed to deliver bottom-line growth, no matter where your business is today.