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building supplies customer success story

Industrial Manufacturer uses Flintfox 

About them

This Industrial Manufacturer is a world leader in the production of supplies for the building and construction industry. They operate in more than 30 countries with over 60 production facilities.

building supplies customers success story
building supplies customers success story

Why they chose Flintfox

  • A future proof and repeatable solution that will allow them to easily upgrade to Dynamics AX across all their locations.
  • An integrated and automated solution to manage incredibly complex pricing including price breaks and free goods that are different for every geography, customer group and item group.
  • An integrated and automated solution to manage promotions including off-invoice deductions, bill backs, high levels of price breaks and accrued promotions in certain geographies for large retailers.

The Challenge

The main challenge for this Industrial Manufacturer was a legacy system that had endured hundreds of man hours of custom programming in order to add the functionality they needed to manage their complicated pricing and rebates. The company needed a standard solution that they could implement at the headquarters in Italy and then roll out across all their subsidiaries regardless of location.

With incredibly complicated pricing, the company needed a solution that could be integrated into their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and provide the right level of functionality without large amounts of customisations. Their previous solution had undergone enormous amounts of customisations in order to be able to handle the complex pricing that is different for every geography, customer group, and item group. With accrued promotions in certain geographies for large retailers and high levels of price breaks, the company also needed a solution that could integrate into their ERP and automate their promotional activities.

The Solution

This Industrial Manufacturers pricing is so complicated that the only option they had was to spend countless hours of programming again to create a solution, like they did in their old system, or find a solution from an external provider. Flintfox's TRM for AX solution is able to provide the functionality they need for both pricing and promotions out of the box with only minor enhancements needed.

TRM for AX will improve and more accurately measure their trade spend impact and profitability. The Industrial Manufacturer will also be able to maximise their trade spend effectiveness with advanced pricing and deal flexibility. TRM for AX will allow the company to gain full financial control on chargebacks and deductions as well as align their trade promotion budget with the actual spending.  

By implementing TRM for AX, this Industrial Manufacturer will now have the ability to upgrade their Dynamics AX ERP easily and have a futureproof, repeatable Trade Revenue Management solution for all their subsidiaries around the world.

5 stars
"This industrial manufacturer selected Flintfox to manage their rebates and promotions more effectively. This solution will also allow them to roll out a standard solution across all their locations globally."

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