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Easily manage the complexities of customer rebate management

In the world of pricing, customer rebates are a pricing best practice. Why? Because if you’re not using rebates, you are most likely giving customers discounts they have not earned. Rebates ensure that the desired price, volume, and mix is delivered. Flintfox Customer Rebates ensures the complexities of rebate administration do not outweigh the business benefits.

Flintfox Customer Rebates helps you to price on ‘actual’ rather than ‘promised’ purchases. Instead of granting a discount upfront and having the responsibility to audit sales to your customers, or worse not auditing, Flintfox can guarantee rebates are only granted when they meet the criteria set out in the trade agreement.

Flintfox Customer Rebates helps to put the responsibility back with your customer to realise the lowest price.

Flintfox Customer Rebates include the following features:

Easy customer rebate creation

Quickly create customer volume incentive or growth plans, systematically managing accruals, payments, and reconciliation processes.

Automated payment options

Automated payments on a monthly, quarterly, or when requested basis, via credit note or check.

Simple commission management

Calculate and settle internal/broker commissions, bonuses, and incentives; split commissions, growth programs, net of rebates, deductions, or early payment discounts.

Customer or product inclusions and exclusions

Any rebate, fee, commission, or royalty established may include one or more individual customers and/or products as members of the agreement, or may include by any combination of their attributes

Flexible rebate calculation options

Calculated as a percentage of sales, or as a dollar amount per unit, including volume or dollar value dependent breaks.

Automated accruals

Automated generation of accruals, as frequently as desired. During the process expensing is automated regardless of the payment method, with allocation of these rebate/fee expenses to their correct ledgers. This results in a clearer, auditable, view of the business as well as saving considerable time and effort.

Sound good? Then talk to one our Flintfox professionals about Customer Rebates today

Flintfox Customer Rebates gives you an effective means to easily create, execute and audit your customer rebate programs. Take some of weight off your shoulders and let Flintfox manage your customer rebate programs for you.