ANB Canada

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Flintfox intelligent pricing platform, ANB has been able to update and centralize its pricing, enabling immediate access and visibility to all data.

About ANB Canada

ANB is Canada’s leading distributor of Over-The-Counter healthcare and cosmetic products bringing niche global brands into all levels of Canadian retail.

The Canadian OTC market is worth over $40 billion and is a heavily regulated industry. ANB has been helping manufacturers navigate the sector for over 20 years, putting their brands into the hands of a new Canadian consumer market.

The Challenge

After going public, ANB embarked on significant growth. They needed a robust ERP system to support their next business phase. ANB chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Flintfox for their digital transformation. They selected Flintfox because of its expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and a proven track record in enabling complex pricing strategies.

Previously, ANB used a proprietary pricing system. This system relied on manual data input to track rebate and co-op programs. Consequently, this led to time-consuming processes and a high risk of human error.

Now, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Flintfox intelligent pricing and rebates platform, ANB has updated and centralized its pricing. This change provides immediate data access and visibility. It has eliminated lengthy manual processes and spreadsheet management.

Instead, it has replaced them with precise automation. The new system has enhanced ANB’s visibility of sales, rebates, and co-op programs.

Additionally, the company can now report on sales quickly and simply. New International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) compliance requirements, once a cumbersome task, are now easily managed.

The Solution

ANB needed a solution that offered a complete view of customer pricing and insight into indirect customers purchasing through wholesale. Flintfox enabled ANB to make informed price changes confidently.

As ANB’s sales volumes and rebate programs grew, the resources needed to manage pricing remained the same. The company gained better control over co-op rates and transparency on running programs. This reduced margin leakage and errors.

Tim Moore, COO of ANB Canada, says, “We chose Flintfox because of their deep knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the team’s understanding of our industry and needs. Flintfox’s pricing platform could handle our complex and specific requirements with out-of-the-box functionality ready to address our pain points. I immediately realized Flintfox was the specialist we needed to manage the transition from our legacy system.”

Are you ready to see how Flintfox can transform your pricing and rebates and streamline your operations? Request a demo today to discover the power of Flintfox’s intelligent pricing and rebates platform. Let our experts show you how we can help your business today.

‘We have better visibility of sales margins and greater accuracy invoicing that is saving the business time and improving our cashflow.’

Tim Moore COO, ANB Canada
ANB Canada

‘Flintfox and Microsoft helped us strategize how to better manage advanced pricing, promotion management, and complex supply chain pricing, as well as provide a roadmap for the future.’

Joshua Motsuenyane Chief Information Officer, Coca Cola Beverages Africa

‘Flintfox opens up a world of trade promotion opportunities for us. We’ve been looking for a solution for the past four years to manage our pricing and Flintfox is the only one we have found that addresses our pricing challenges." ’

Micheal van Druten Chief Financial Officer, EuroVintage

‘Thanks to Flintfox’s solution our users will be able to see the impact on gross margins of each price plan including the impact of quantity discounts and deals; vendor support; and RIPS per product and customer; prior to executing in the field.’

Managing Director Opici Family Distributing
Opici Family Distributing


increase in rebate revenue cash flow


reduction in deduction leakage


increase in margin

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