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Customer Rebates

Trade Revenue Management software to make your complex rebate programs smarter.

Here's why you need Flintfox for Customer Rebates

When your customer rebates are tracked and managed well, you'll encourage loyalty and volume purchases. Flintfox rebate management software offers a much smarter way to easily create, execute and audit your rebate programs. Customers will earn rebates when they meet criteria set out by you in a trade agreement, meaning your rebates aren't just another discount, but an incentive that is earned, ultimately resulting in additional revenue. 

So easy to use and set up

Set up your Customer Rebate programs fast and efficiently. Trade agreements allow you to quickly create customer volume incentive or growth plans and systematically manage accruals, payments, and reconciliation processes.

Flexibility with agreement inclusions or exclusions

Craving more flexibility with your complex rebate programs? Include one or any group of customers and any combination of products, attributes and any rebate, fee, commission, or royalty.

Commission tasks made simple

Your tricky commissions management will become history. You'll be able to easily calculate and settle internal/broker commissions, bonuses, incentives and split commissions.

Reduced administration hours 

Automated rebate calculations means reduced labour hours and cost! Flintfox slashes the time needed to administer, calculate and check rebates. You say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets, free up staff time and improve productivity.

Customisable rebate types

Get creative with flexible rebate programs! Set up sophisticated deals that calculate rebates as a percentage of sales, or as a dollar amount per unit, including volume or dollar value dependent breaks.

Automated and accurate  payments 

With Flintfox, your rebates accrue without any manual involvement. Expensing is automated regardless of the payment method with rebates owing and owed listed in their correct ledgers. Your claims become accurate and settled earlier than ever before.


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Flintfox ROI fact

Dairy products manufacturer has achieved massive efficiency gains by using Flintfox to process over 1,500 rebate lines worth over $500,000 every week. 


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