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Best of breed Trade Revenue Management software for manufacturers.

 Price and Rebate Management for manufacturing  

Manufacturing operations are complex with raw materials pricing changing all the time. We understand you need to know the effect cost changes have on your pricing and how being able to change your pricing efficiently is a real business strength. Flintfox is helping manufacturers around the globe to be more efficient and profitable through Trade Revenue Management software.

Why manufacturers love Flintfox

Manage pricing across multiple channels

A centralised system and single source of pricing for all your channels results in huge efficiency gains. In addition to eliminating pricing errors, you’ll see significant gains in staff productivity and collaboration.

Develop sales strategy based on complex pricing

Enjoy tools for setting up pricing, promotion and rebate strategies tailored to your customers. Use a range of flexible features that best suit your various channels, applied to groups or individually.

Automated, accurate accruals processing

By recording every price and rebate accrual at item level by customer, you'll get an auditable trail of accurate information. This not only ensures your distributors and customers claim the correct amounts, but also supports compliance.

5 stars

“The Flintfox Trade Revenue Management solution has helped us to automate our compliance processes and performance by allowing us to easily monitor the calculation and payment of commissions within one system.”

Vali Jerome, Vice President of Global Business Technology, Innospec

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