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Pricing and Rebate Management for distribution 

Flintfox’s broad and deep knowledge of the Wholesale Distribution space will make you feel like they are already part of your team, and understand what you need to take your company to success on Dynamics 365, focusing on improving your margins and your overall operating efficiency. With our years of experience in the wholesale distribution industry, we quickly uncover critical requirements where new digital technologies can optimize and improve efficiency on Dynamics 365, other Microsoft tools, and Flintfox Trade Revenue Management (TRM).

Why distributors love Flintfox

Increase order volumes and grow margins

Easily set up and execute your trade promotion pricing and incentive programs. Advanced functionality allows your sales reps to choose from a wide variety of trade promotion types, encouraging sales at profitable levels.

Automate rebates and settle claims efficiently

Track your vendor and customer rebate earnings with 100% accuracy. Automating their accrual at time of purchase or sale also allows you to recognise what’s owed and owing at any point in time.

Create rebate programs with flexibility

Enjoy tools for managing and setting up complex rebate programs. Accrue rebates only when criteria is met, manage all rebates based off purchases or sales, even adjust rebates and re-accrue.

5 stars

Thanks to our partnership with Flintfox we have successfully deployed our entire business operations both ERP and CRM on the Microsoft platform. This has allowed us to take over 97% of our orders through our website and eliminate significant costs from our business.

Andrew D'Agostino, Vice President IT, WB Mason

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