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Advanced trade and revenue management software for manufacturing

Manufacturing is not only rife with revenue management challenges, but also opportunities. Flintfox leverages over 29 years of experience in a wide array of manufacturing verticals to help unlock those opportunities.

Does supporting an omni-channel sales strategy and multiple lines of distribution (retail chain, distributors, redistributors, DSD, e-commerce, brick and mortar) across expanding global markets seem impossible to manage at times? What if your vendors offer deals and rebates that are just as complex? Does global expansion and competition and the ‘internet of things’ open up a web of complexity around pricing, promotions, as well as customer and vendor rebates?

Consumers are now more price sensitive than ever, less brand loyal, and more social. Flintfox industry experts and innovative solutions help manufacturers develop and execute the right pricing, promotional, and accrual programs to increase sales and drive profitable growth.

How Flintfox can help your business

Minimise administration and increase accuracy

Utilise date effectivity and advanced agreement inclusion and exclusion facilities for all vendor and customer pricing/rebates to quickly determine membership parameters and ensure accuracy

Complete revenue management

Seamlessly manage both purchase order and sales order based pricing, discounts, and rebates, ensuring a complete understanding of transactional revenue

Pricing flexibility

Unlimited calculation methods for pricing: cost plus, list, $ or % adjustments, margin pricing, net/contract pricing, bracket, configurable selection and application methodologies for discounts

Pricing accuracy & speed

Super speed in-memory pricing engine scales to over 1 million price requests per minute, ensuring pricing is always calculated real-time and accurate across an omni-channel sales strategy

Increase sales

Drive incremental sales via cross-sell/upsell offers, advanced mix and match promotions, and complex free goods deals

Manage rebates

Manage volume incentive programs and rebates, based on purchases from vendors and sales to customers, with the ability to control income/expense flowing each way

Automate settlements

Expense activity as it occurs, reducing end of period reconciliation via real-time and automated accrual processing and settlement facilities

Reduce leakage

Reduce revenue leakage via automated payment processing and interactive claims and deduction workbenches, ensuring no money is left on the table

Increase margins

Empower the sales team to make informed decisions around pricing or at time of sale by fully understanding margins including vendor rebates

Improve financial accountability

Improve reporting and auditability with purchase and sales invoice line level tracking of all expenses and income, including all promotions, discounts, and retrospective events

Thinking about a Flintfox solution for your organisation?

If you are trying to evaluate and consider potentially enhancing your current sales and trade revenue management processes and solutions, the first step is to identify the ultimate maturity goal you should strive for. As part of that evaluation process, it’s critical to define at an appropriate level, what needs to be done to move towards and achieve that goal.

To determine your pathway to growth, simply download The pathway to growth through trade and revenue management to step through the challenges and growth strategies, and diagnose your organisation’s phase of trade and revenue management maturity.

If you’d like us to review this with you, we’d be happy to help. Contact us to discuss how we can deliver a trade and revenue management solution to suit your unique manufacturing environment and meet your long-term profitability goals.