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tasti products

Tasti Products uses Flintfox to manage pricing and rebates


About Tasti Products

Tasti Products Limited is a privately held consumer packaged goods manufacturer, operating modern, automated and high volume production lines from their base in Auckland, New Zealand.

Watch Chief Financial Officer Steve McLean and Information Systems Manager David Bryant describe how the implementation of Flintfox has changed their business.

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Why they chose Flintfox

  • Since the implementation of Flintfox software, Tasti have seen a steady growth of the business without having to add more staff to cope.
  • Improvements planning, execution and analysis of trade promotions.
  • Reporting accuracy and availability has been enhanced so that the Executive has the most up to date data on hand.

The Problem

In 2009, a legacy ERP system with limited upgrade options forced the company to seek out a replacement before the old system proved too cumbersome for the business to maintain. The Tasti management team also sought to enhance their business operations by managing trade promotional activities more efficiently. Necessitating the requirement for a solution that allowed them to perform forecasting, projections and best decision-making scenarios.

Heavily reliant on excel spreadsheets, the goal for Tasti was to find a system that would allow them to speed up their operations and retrieve the data they needed quickly without being overly complex, a sure barrier to user adoption.

The Solution

The decision to go with a Microsoft Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system was largely due its capacity to integrate additional software into it. In this case it was the Flintfox Trade Revenue Management solutions that appealed strongly to the need Tasti had to manage their trade spend more efficiently.

The integration of Flintfox Trade Revenue Management software meant that Tasti did not have to write interfaces or export data into another system while addressing the need for more visibility and efficiency concerning their stock and profitability.

Multiple price requests can be packaged and submitted as a single request with the Flintfox software, termed a “Bulk Price Request”. A bulk price request can be used to retrieve the price for multiple combinations of customers or products and transactions in one batch. This is a crucial feature for Tasti who have relied on excel spreadsheets to pull pricing for orders and products, this was time consuming and inefficient for the business.

Return on Investment (ROI) reporting was also done via spreadsheets, checks might have been put in place but they still needed to be reviewed by the Chief Financial Officer before it was signed off. A time consuming task at the end of the day and they still were not 100% accurate.

Flintfox Trade Revenue Management software has simplified the way Tasti conducts it sales and operations, it has allowed the business to redeploy resources to where they will be most effective.

The Flintfox software solutions has given Tasti Products the ability to:

  • Separate debtors from claims and deductions, enabling them to manage their debt and chase debt much more effectively.
  • Put start and end dates on promotional pricing, allowing them to analyse the effectiveness of promotions individually and as a group. With many of their customers operating a chain of stores, each with their own promotions and deals, Tasti can analyse their trade spend right down to the geographical location.
  • Accommodate for the large number of trade promotion agreements and improved the performance of bulk price requests, with the process storing all applicable data in temporary tables so that the pricing calculations in subsequent steps do not require additional querying of large datasets.
  • Update deals and promotions as they happen.
  • Analyse the profitability of individual products.
  • Increase accuracy and efficiency in sales and operations overall.

Watch the video

Watch Chief Financial Officer Steve McLean and Information Systems Manager David Bryant at Tasti Products, describe how the implementation of Flintfox has changed their business.

Tasti Products customer story video
Tasti Products
1.35 min
5 stars
“We’re a lot more accurate, everything’s a weekly process now. Sales reports are done every Monday morning. We’re doing a hell of a lot more work. We are managing the increase in customer volumes without the corresponding increase in our administrative overheads because of the implementation of Flintfox.”

Steve MacLean
Chief Financial Officer, Tasti Products

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