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otra customer success story

Otra chooses Flintfox to manage pricing and vendor rebates

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About Otra Norway

Otra Norway AS is a supplier of electrical products with its own self-service store in a total of 13 locations in Norway and over 150 employees. Turnover exceeded $100 million USD in 2014 and the company has plans for continued growth in existing and new markets.

otra customer success story
otra customer success story

Why they chose Flintfox

  • With only a low margin on most sales orders, Otra can now automate their processes and offer the best price without losing money on the order.
  • They can now automate their pricing and vendor rebates as well as capture all the associated activity within their ERP system.
  • With accurate and real time views on the final margin for a sales order, Otra can decline sales that will not be profitable and that will ultimately go to their competitors.

The Challenge

With high labour costs in Norway, Otra wanted to automate the sales order process so that the salesperson taking the order could offer the best price without the company losing money. As a distributor, Otra has a low margin on every order so a solution was needed that could provide visibility into the end margin after all the rebates and discounts had been taken into account.

Otra also offers a high number of vendor rebates and needed to be able to accurate calculate and automate them. This is made more complex with vendors providing a fund that they can use to approve spending for promotional activities. The business needed a solution that could not only track all this activity but also manage is efficiently and accurately.

The Solution

With Flintfox's TRM for AX solution, Otra will be able to automate a lot of processes all within the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system. The seamless integration of TRM for AX means that all pricing is automated, including vendor pricing and associated price lists. TRM for AX will also be able to manage vendor rebate funds with manual claims and capture all the activity within the ERP.

TRM for AX has provided enormous power to decline a sales order if the end margin will result in a loss. With accurate and real time views on the final margin for a sales order, Otra can decline sales that will not be profitable and that will ultimately go to  competitors. Because of this ability, Otra has effectively doubled the size of its business and has more knowledge than anyone else in the market at their fingertips.

Otra has replaced inefficient and often inaccurate processes with an integrated best of breed solution to manage their complex pricing. With TRM for AX the company is able to automate the calculation and management of their pricing. All rebates are applied at the time of the sale, allowing for complete visibility of margins and maintaining real time records of all promotional activities.

5 stars
"Flintfox put the decision making power back into our hands, we can now accept or decline a sales order depending on how it will affect our margins. If a sales order is going to negatively impact our margins, we want to know before we accept the order."

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