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o'brien autoglass customer success story

O'Brien AutoGlass uses Flintfox to manage millions of prices in real time

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About O'Brien AutoGlass

O’Brien AutoGlass is one of the largest automotive products retailers in Australia, servicing hundreds of thousands of motorists every year nationwide.

o'brien autoglass customer success story
o'brien autoglass customer success story

Why they chose Flintfox

  • With millions of price lines and tens of thousands of individual SKUs, O’Brien AutoGlass is able to quote a price instantly through the Dynamics AX sales order process.
  • More flexibility for pricing to meet business and customer needs as the market continues to grow and handle their current complex pricing needs.
  • The solution integrates into their ERP system, instantly updating the general ledger accounts with the ability to cater for future omni-channel sales.

The Challenge

O’Brien AutoGlass offers a vast array of products to customers in four market segments - cash, insurance, warehouse, and fleet customers. With seven main product types plus the four different market segments, a significant amount of maintenance and visibility for their complex pricing was required.

In addition, O’Brien AutoGlass also uses customer, product and transaction attributes adding further complexity to their pricing. Attributes such as ‘Insurance’ aligns insurance customers with their insurance company and determines which way the pricing will flow through the Price Model. The way in which the market segments, product types, and attributes group together to drive pricing was also extremely difficult to maintain.

They sought a solution to solve additional challenges:

  • More flexibility with pricing for cash customers to meet business and customer needs.  
  • Significant amounts of time spent responding to price inquiries and issues.
  • Difficulty controlling and monitoring manually entered prices and discount.

The Solution

O’Brien AutoGlass selected Flintfox's TRM for AX solution, with the RMx Performance Pricing engine to speed up the process of providing an accurate price quote to a customer in real time, regardless of whether they are in-store, over the phone or at an authorised dealer. With real time pricing they are now able to provide quotes to their customers almost instantly, greatly reducing the time spent responding to price inquiries and issues around inconsistent or inaccurate pricing.

To cater for the complexity of their pricing, they are able to base the rules on date, type of discount (list, net, $, %, range), or promotion to any customer or grouping on any selection of products. Using their Customer Relationship Management system for providing quotes, TRM for AX ensures that the company receives the pricing quickly, sending it to the ERP via the sales order.

TRM for AX with RMx Performance Pricing delivers:

  • One source of pricing truth as the master for all pricing, without the need to maintain pricing in external spreadsheets and more control over discounts offered with rules based pricing.
  • Millisecond response times to complex pricing requests.
  • Ability to connect RMx Performance Pricing to their future eCommerce platform for online ordering.
5 stars
"Flintfox for Dynamics AX and RMx Performance Pricing will make providing quotes for our customers much easier and a lot faster. O’Brien AutoGlass will now be able to do away with time consuming, disconnected spreadsheets and manual price entry as complex price calculations are delivered accurately in real time."

Peter Lumsdaine
CEO, O’Brien AutoGlass

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