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apparel customer success story

Consumer Goods Manufacturer chooses Flintfox 

About them

This consumer goods manufacturing company integrates a comprehensive manufacturing process from creating individual components to the final assembly. After nearly a century of operation, the company has expanded its business throughout the world and has achieved recognition as a global brand.

apparel customer success story
apparel customer success story

Why they chose Flintfox

  • Flintfox's TRM for NAV solution is a standard solution that integrates seamlessly into their Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system.
  • They are able to capture promotional activity as they happen and accurately manage deductions in real time.
  • They can increase the types of promotions they run and easily manage the activity.

The Challenge

Prior to 2015, this consumer goods manufacturing company had used Microsoft Dynamics NAV to manage their trade promotions. The company had initially tried to develop the product to add the functionality they needed, however this became time consuming and expensive without providing the management tools they needed.  

The manufacturer needed to be able to capture promotions as they happened and expense the activity at the time it occurred. They also needed to be able to match their promotions against the deductions they were receiving, regardless of when they ran the promotion.

Managing their promotional activity was particularly difficult as they often had discounts that weren’t visible at the store level. For example they may offer a 2% discount to cooperative distributors, which are not visible to the salesperson instore. For this example, they would need to have a separate solution for instore promotional activity and modify the ERP to handle the overall management of promotions.

The company could see that by not managing their promotions effectively, their P&L would not be accurate and they had no way of investigating any deductions they received. In order to be more competitive, the company recognised their need for a solution that could not only handle this activity but that would integrate into their ERP to avoid further modification.

The Solution

This consumer goods manufacturer selected Flintfox's TRM for NAV solution as they found it to be the only standard solution that met their needs and integrated into their Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system. With a standard solution, it also meant that future upgrades would be much easier as they would not be outside the upgrade path as a result of heavy customisations. 

Although the company only runs a few types of promotions, such as percentage-based, there is no other integrated ERP solutionon the market that is able to handle them. TRM for NAV is able to handle this activity out of the box and the dead net price is visible, meaning they can easily decline unprofitable deals and reduce the number of surprises on their P&L.  

TRM for NAV also captures all their promotional activity as it happens, gives them early accrual processing and cognition of commitments. The manufacturer now knows what activity has occurred during the month and how much they have cost. This means that their deductions are more accurate, with full visibility of what is owed. The company also now have the power to decline deductions with the evidence to back them up.

5 stars
"This consumer goods manufacturer selected TRM for NAV as they found it to be the only standard solution that met their needs and integrated into their Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system."

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