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breakthru beverage customer success story

Breakthru Beverage uses Flintfox to manage pricing and promotions

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About Breakthru Beverage

Breakthru Beverage is a leading US distributor of the world’s top luxury and premium wine, spirits and beer brands. The company has nearly 7,000 employees and annual sales of close to $5 billion, with divisions implementing Flintfox's TRM for AX solution in Nevada, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Canada.

breakthru beverage customer success story

The Challenge

The challenge facing Breakthru Beverage was that they had identified the need for a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The current solution was out of date and could no longer cope with the rapid growth of the company.

The new ERP needed to be able to handle the complex pricing, promotional deals and chargebacks to their suppliers regardless of the location. With over 200,000 trade agreements and 7000 price groups, Breakthru needed a solution that could handle the complexity of their pricing.

With locations across multiple states and Canada, Breakthru needed a solution that would allow for the different laws regarding their business activity, while at the same time allowing them to standardise reporting and processes.

The Solution

Breakthru Beverage decided on the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP to replace their existing system. However, the team identified that Dynamics AX ‘straight out of the box’ would not handle their business needs entirely. Flintfox's TRM for AX solution provided the additional functionality they needed and is integrated with their Dynamics AX ERP.

Breakthru launched a phased implementation of TRM for AX, which meant that the individual needs of a state were identified and the solution configured appropriately, while keeping a single code base in order to remain consistent across the company.

Breakthru Beverage will now be able to manage:

  • The application of various discount structures during invoicing
  • Different licensing and distribution laws in each US state and Canada, whilst achieving consistency
  • Accounting for free goods
  • Volume incentives where longer-term discounts are given for achieving purchase targets
  • Internal incentives including complex commissions paid to sales staff
  • Chargebacks meaning Breakthru Beverage can claim back from suppliers based on what they have sold on to their own customers
5 stars
"With the Flintfox solution we are able to manage pricing consistently across each state. We have full visibility into pricing performance and can create pricing accountability for responsible associates, as well as ensure trade practice compliance while providing competitive offerings on a market by market basis."

Dave Walsh
VP of Commercial Strategy, Breakthru Beverage

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