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Bel Fuse selects Flintfox for D365 Finance & Operations implementation

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INDUSTRY Manufacturer
COUNTRY USA, UK, China, Slovakia & Hong Kong
PLATFORM Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations
PRODUCTS Implementation of Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations


Founded in 1949, Bel Fuse designs, manufactures and markets a broad range of products that power, protect and connect electronic circuits. With over 70 years in the electronics industry, Bel Fuse employs more than 9,000 people in 24 manufacturing locations across North America, Europe and Asia.

Bel Fuse has a long-standing reputation as a stable, world-class manufacturer with the ability to engineer optimal solutions to meet growing market demands. Prior to implementing Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations (Dynamics 365 F&O) Bel Fuse was running on Oracle.


Why they chose Flintfox

Bel Fuse is committed to growing the company via strategic acquisitions and organic growth and needed to streamline their financial, manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse applications. When Bel Fuse made the decision to transition away from Oracle they originally chose a different implementation partner to assist with the implementation of Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. During the initial phases of the implementation it became clear that this provider did not have the depth of knowledge in Dynamics 365 nor the industry expertise to support Bel Fuse’s requirements. Bel Fuse needed a partner that could ensure their strategic plans were achieved in a timely manner. Flintfox was able to leverage its Business Process Management approach to implementations to turn the project around and help Bel Fuse achieve an implementation timeframe that would meet the needs of the business. The Dynamics 365 solution provides the following benefits:

  • Outdated hardware and infrastructure replaced with a leading cloud-based solution.
  • Modern ERP solution to address finance, manufacturing, distribution and warehouse functions.

  • Provides lower ongoing cost to operate than Bel's previous Oracle solution.

The Challenge

Prior to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Bel Fuse was running on Oracle. The legacy system had been in place for over a decade and had been heavily customised to meet their growing business demands over the years. When it comes to metrics, it’s often said that what gets measured gets done. Being reliant on Oracle, Bel Fuse’s system was outdated and lacked a viable solution to access data or display comprehensive metrics for its manufacturing facilities. For example, Bel Fuse found it difficult to monitor:

  •  Manufacturing cycle times

  • Time to make changeovers

  •   Capacity utilisation

  •   Customer rejects/returns

  • And much more...

Bel Fuse needed to find an alternative solution that was more cost effective and that would provide ROI to the business. The solution also needed to effectively measure, analyse, and improve their manufacturing metrics to support their business objectives and growth. Bel Fuse investigated other competitive solutions, such as SAP and Infor, prior to choosing Dynamics 365.

The Solution

Among the many advantages of moving away from their legacy system, D365 F&O provides a more modern, cost effective solution that could support the company as a global electronics manufacturer with sites across multiple countries worldwide. The D365 F&O solution, implemented by Flintfox provided the following benefits:

  • Increased strategic financial planning and effective management based on real-time data and sound reporting from the entire operation.

  • The business was able to adapt quickly and optimise production planning, scheduling, operations, and cost management.

  • Material requirements planning was made easier for operations to manage orders, materials, production and output.

  • Improved supply chain processes and streamlined inventory allowed for more accurate forecasting (e.g. matching supply output with customer demand).

Expected Results

  • Elimination of Oracle and other disparate systems once all phases of the project are completed
  • Improved materials requirements planning and production processes
  • Fully integrated financial processes with better accuracy and reduced time to close
  • Reduced costs to support the cloud solution architecture
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“As a global manufacturing company, our previous ERP was outdated and lacked a viable solution to access data or display comprehensive metrics for our operations. Flintfox was instrumental in helping us implement Microsoft Dynamics 365, which now provides a more modern, cost effective solution that supports the company and its sites across many countries worldwide, so we can deliver on our strategic plans.”

Dennis Ackerman
President, Bel Power Solutions

Want to learn more about the results?

Microsoft have featured Bel Fuse in a customer story. With Dynamics 365 and Flintfox, Bel Fuse has unified data for a global view of finances, saved money, and seamlessly transitioned to remote work during the COVID-19 crisis.

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