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Manage advanced trade pricing complexity with suppliers and customers

Flintfox provides an innovative advanced pricing module for businesses who require an effective tool to manage all pricing requirements, from the most common to the most complex. With Flintfox, businesses have the tools required to administer all pricing arrangements across vendors, customers, products, and transactions efficiently and accurately. An integrated approach to managing pricing remains difficult for many manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

Dynamic market conditions, competitive pressure, new master data (customers/vendors/products/packaging), and changing consumer behaviours put extreme pressure on both pricing systems and strategy. Spreadsheets are common place, and manual intervention is often required to handle exception scenarios. Lack of pricing flexibility or full visibility can lead to lost revenue associated with pricing errors and missed opportunities due to slow response times.

Transaction errors related to incorrect pricing can vary between 0.3% and 2.3% of total order volume. Duplicating pricing rules in multiple systems can create audit compliance and maintenance issues related to downstream processes such as settlement of deductions and fees. A simple 1% increase in effective net price can move operating profit upwards of 10% in many cases.

For organisations requiring enterprise-level pricing performance, scalability, and flexibility, Flintfox provides the necessary tools and agreement structures to optimise revenue and maximise efficiency.

Flintfox advanced pricing module includes the following features:

Pricing accuracy across applications

Flintfox RMx Performance engine is the single source of real-time, calculated pricing truth regardless of requesting application

Pricing speed and scalability

In-memory pricing engine scales to over 1 million price requests per minute, removing pricing as the bottleneck in an omni-channel sales environment

Vendor and customer price management

Seamlessly manage both purchase order and sales order agreements including pricing, discounts, and rebates

Configurable calculation options

Utilise configurable calculation methods for pricing: list, cost plus, $ or % adjustments, margin, net/contract, brackets, and more

Pricing flexibility

Multi-dimensional pricing agreements and price model functionality cater for the simplest to most complex agreement selection and application methodologies

Pricing visibility

Define and analyse the entire price waterfall including pre-list adjustments, list to net, and after the purchase/sale, at a transactional level

Thinking about a Flintfox solution for your organisation?

While most trade spend and revenue management solutions provide management functions to help you deal with your customers or trade partners (sell-side), Flintfox can also manage the trade related activities associated with your suppliers or vendors (buy-side), including pricing, promotions and rebates.

Flintfox advanced pricing provides an integrated framework to improve the management of pricing rules and offers more flexibility to update prices without delay.