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What is trade revenue management

What is TRM?

Trade Revenue Management explained.

Trade Revenue Management (TRM)

It may seem that on a daily basis yet another new acronym creeps into the technology sector. FYI, when it comes to TRM, let’s clear up any confusion as follows...

What is Trade Revenue Management (TRM)?

TRM is the term for referring to the way that trade revenue activities are managed across the supply chain. The trade revenue activities include and are not limited to Price Management, Promotion Pricing, Rebate Management (Vendor Rebates and Customer Rebates), Claims and Deductions.

Why is TRM needed?

The demand for Trade Revenue Management is rapidly expanding resulting from trading complexity and marketplace competition. Companies across the supply chain want to differentiate themselves, create greater customer loyalty and more accurately manage their revenue. A Trade Revenue Management solution is a tool for achieving these goals.

What are the key benefits of a TRM solution?

Some of the key benefits of TRM software include the ability to have one version of pricing truth regardless of sales channel, yes all your pricing controlled centrally. You'll also be able to retire those cumbersome pricing spreadsheets and move to a real time price calculation engine slashing your time spent on price maintenance. Added to this is easier Vendor and Customer Rebate Management with staff productivity gains. You'll have accurately priced sold items, spend less time fixing pricing errors, and be able to incentivise volume purchases, making the business flourish and keeping customers happy.

Why Flintfox for TRM?

We are the best at what we do and amazing results are being achieved across the supply chain. Our technology is unmatched in speed and functionality, but it doesn’t stop there. Our industry experts are continuously innovating to address your trade revenue challenges. Let's help you get amazing results too.

Outsmart your boss!

Outsmart your boss!

Be the smartest person in the room with this free glossary of Trade Revenue Management terms and acronyms.

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