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Complex pricing resolved instantly

Trade Revenue Management software to streamline your price management, maintenance and execution.

Here's why you need Flintfox for Price Management 

When it comes to managing your pricing, we recognise you need enterprise level performance, scalability and flexibility. And we’ve nailed it. Our best of breed software is revolutionising the Trade Revenue Management space by managing pricing requirements, from the most common to complex. You'll get tools to efficiently manage pricing for your vendors, customers, products, and transactions. 

Pricing accuracy across sales channels

Tired of pricing errors? Regardless of how you order or sell products you'll get a single source of pricing truth whatever your requesting application, be it your CPQ or eCommerce solution. Your pricing will be calculated with 100% accuracy!

Pricing speed and scalability

Instant price calculations sound good? With our hyper performance pricing engine, over 5,000 price requests can be scaled per second! Pricing will no longer be the bottleneck in your omnichannel sales environment.

Price and margin visibility

Want clarity of your price waterfall? With Flintfox you get to see all contributions to the net price. This can start from actual or managed costs and list to dead net price including discounts and rebates, at the transaction level.

Vendor and customer price management

Does a system that manages pricing for both sell side and buy side sound fabulous? With Flintfox your sales and purchase order agreements will be managed seamlessly, including pricing and discounts for both customers and vendors.

Ability to handle complex pricing calculations 

Need more capability when it comes to setting up your pricing and rebates? Check out our range of trade promotion options - off invoice, $ or % discounts, upcharges, volume break discounts, mix and match all at any unit of measure, and more…

Productivity gains

Staff spending hours entering data into spreadsheets? By leveraging workflows and trade agreements in Flintfox they'll spend more time doing what matters. And less time manually managing pricing, entering duplicate data or searching for information.

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Happy customer

Could you be our next big success story like Innospec? Watch our video to see how that could play out...

Price management strategy guide

Develop your pricing strategy

Use this guide and worksheet to carry out a pricing audit of your business, and realign your strategy.

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SHOCK your margins into growth with pricing software
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See Flintfox pricing software in action
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Flintfox ROI fact

$100,000 savings per month for a consumer goods manufacturer as a result of increased pricing accuracy.


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