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Cutting-edge pricing and trade agreement management for any ERP made easy. It’s that simple.

Whether you’re a distributor facing intense margin pressure, a manufacturer wanting to drive digital transformation within their business, or a retailer dealing with complex omni-channels, a competitive advantage has never been more important.

Flintfox RMx interfaces any ERP to eliminate the need for disconnected spreadsheets, applications, and manual processes to manage pricing, promotions, and trade agreements. Consolidate these processes into an automated and supercharged solution, improving efficiency and accuracy, and driving actionable insight to increase revenue.  

RMx has been built using the very latest in software development architecture. Using Microservices, which has a smaller code base, maintenance is easier and much faster. Microservices reduces development time and effort, and makes new features and updates easier to develop and deploy.

Flintfox RMx manages all of the pricing setup, maintenance, and execution with simple interfaces to any ERP or similar system with configurable calculation methods, price models, and trade agreement management.

Flintfox RMx functionality for any ERP

What are the key benefits to your organisation?

Accurately price sold items

Automate all pricing and discounts via advanced agreement inclusions/exclusions and date effectivity, limiting required user intervention at order entry.

Lightning fast response times

The most advanced trade promotion pricing Independently verified by Lionbridge to deliver response times in as little as 0.058ms.

Flexibility to offer more complex promotions

More tactical options when it comes to pricing and grouping of promoted items. Increase the persuasiveness of promotions without increasing administration hours to manage them.

Trade agreement management

An easy to use, rich, web based user experience compatible with all major browsers will provide an interactive portal to facilitate Trade Agreement management.

Minimize lost revenue

By eliminating pricing which is too low and goes undetected, as well as incorrect pricing that causes unwanted credit notes and chargebacks.

Manage pricing data from multiple sources

A single source of truth for your organization’s pricing requirements to ensure accurate pricing regardless of where you access it.

Want to know how Flintfox can be your competitive advantage?

Flintfox RMx delivers more efficient and accurate pricing for any ERP, through trade and revenue management practices, to help you stay competitive and reduce the number of pricing errors. With a more efficient way to manage pricing and promotions, you will have better systems in place to deliver consistently accurate trade pricing to your customers.

Contact us today to have one of our Flintfox professionals demonstrate the power of Flintfox RMx for your ERP. 

Free whitepaper: Leveraging sales and trade promotions to create a competitive advantage See Flintfox RMx in action

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