The effect of world cup fever on pricing

Welcome back to Power to the Pricing People, where we take a look at the top stories breaking in the wonderful world of pricing. In this episode we take you to all corners of the globe, looking at the state of China’s economy, German wholesale inflation, and the effect of World Cup fever on pricing.

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China’s Deflation: A Global Economic Concern

As the rest of the world grapples with rising prices and living costs, China is facing the opposite problem. The world’s second-largest economy slipped into deflation in July, causing economists to monitor closely for global economic implications. We’ll be keeping a close eye on what this means for pricing over the coming months.

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Sharp Decline in German Producer Prices in July

Over in Germany, July producer prices fell by the sharpest amount since 2009, indicating that inflationary pressures are easing in Europe’s largest economy. Producer prices were down 6% compared with the same month last year, largely thanks to easing energy price pressures.

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Global Impact and Economic Benefits of the FIFA Women’s World Cup

The FIFA Women’s World Cup captured the attention of over 2 billion viewers, underlining its global significance as one of the most popular standalone women’s sporting events ever held. As host nations, Australia and New Zealand reaped substantial economic rewards, with an estimated benefit of nearly $460 million. Fans from around the world traveled to support their teams, boosting revenue for airlines, hotels, and hospitality venues that leveraged dynamic pricing strategies. It was also a big moment for apparel brands and retailers with Nike and Adidas capitalizing on multi-million dollar sales boosts from jersey sales.

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