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Advanced trade and revenue management software for food & beverage, foodservice, and hospitality distribution

Are fluctuating costs, pricing pressures, and operational inefficiencies killing your bottom line? Does supporting multiple sales channels (retail, foodservice, DSD) across expanding markets seem impossible at times? Are you missing vendor rebates due to lack of systematic financial accruals and settlement facilities?

Flintfox has assisted the food & beverage industry for over 29 years, with a laser focus on improving trade and revenue management processes. With Flintfox, you can quickly create and execute agreements to handle the most complex pricing scenarios. Automatically expense, accrue, and settle all rebates and commission programs, providing accurate visibility into customer and product level profitability. We help you gain market share and protect margins by effectively managing both the buy and sell side of your operations using the Flintfox best in class suite of revenue management solutions.

Flintfox functionality for food & beverage, foodservice, and hospitality distribution

Minimise administration and increase accuracy

Define pricing, contracts, discounts, and rebates by any customer, vendor, product, or transactional hierarchy/attribute such as geography, market, chain, credit terms, product group, pack size/UOM, delivery method, simplifying agreement maintenance and increasing accuracy

Increase sales

Utilise cross-sell/upsell and directed selling abilities to increase order volumes and drive additional revenue

Manage volume incentives

Manage volume incentive programs, based on purchases from vendors and sales to customers, with the ability to control percentages flowing each way

Accurately accrue vendor price support

Controls to only accrue vendor support when vendor deals/contracts are used/selected at sales order entry

Flexible settlement options

Settle customer and vendor rebates/chargebacks through accounts payable or accounts receivable, via automated settlement jobs, deductions, or manual claims

Configurable commission calculations

Calculate and settle internal/broker commissions, bonuses, and incentives; split commissions, growth programs, net of rebates, deductions, or early payment discounts

Only manage master data

Greatly reduce agreement maintenance by managing only the master file data and not individual agreements with unlimited attribute and hierarchy membership definitions

Cross-sell/upsell to increase order size

Capture details of vendor managed contracts, pricing/expense to customers, and financial elements with supplier

Utilise multiple costs

Apply multiple cost types and cost elements such as next, last, market, standard, or deviated cost when determining outbound pricing and commissions

Unlimited pricing flexibility

Use configurable calculation methods for pricing: Cost plus, $ or % mark ups, margin pricing, net or contract pricing, all with date effectivity

Price contract management

Manage flyer pricing, bracket pricing, customer level pricing, and contract pricing with automated contracts

Manage deviated cost contracts

Manage deviated cost contracts, ensuring accurate customer pricing and supplier rebate tracking

Thinking about a Flintfox solution for your organisation?

While most trade spend and revenue management solutions provide management functions to help you deal with your customers or trade partners (sell-side), Flintfox can also manage the trade related activities associated with your suppliers or vendors (buy-side), including pricing, promotions and rebates.