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Innovative technology to drive growth for your business

We combine deep industry knowledge, technical talent, and superior delivery capabilities to drive results. Our Flintfox professionals provide implementation resources for Microsoft Dynamics® 365, AX, NAV, and CRM solutions.

Our consultants will provide you with best practice guidance and support to create a competitive advantage within your chosen market or industry.

Our implementation tools & methodology

At Flintfox, we believe you should invest as much time in analysing and improving the essential business processes as the actual implementation project itself.

We follow the Microsoft Sure Step Methodology and use Lifecycle Services (LCS) for implementing our projects to increase your chance of a successful implementation. The Sure Step Methodology provides a consistent approach and a standard set of tools that help ensure your project is completed efficiently. With LCS, we can better assess the needs of your business with the capabilities to proactively monitor your implementation and reduce the time taken to resolve issues and improve ROI.

The implementation services we provide include:

Installation support

Installation of software and associated Microsoft stack; initial setup in a development environment; technical consulting support for installations; functional resources for services such as requirements gathering, training, configuration; process flows; etc. Installation support is provided based on a hybrid model of on-site and off-site resourcing.

Technical environment assistance

To configure the operation of the systems to properly support existing and new applications and business processes. Flintfox consultants offer advanced configuration and functional expertise, strong analytical and problem solving skills demonstrable across complex client sites in pricing, promotions, accruals, and payment methodologies; support for both buy and sell side.

90 day check-up

A post go-live fine-tuning exercise to optimize Flintfox environments using recent production activity.


All Flintfox consultants serve as trainers in addition to their roles in the implementation process. Each trainer has a minimum of three years’ experience working directly with the solutions we support and 10+ years of related industry, functional or technical experience.


All programs need periodic attention to make sure they are compatible with new versions of operating systems, new hardware, and to fix generic bugs that affect all users on the application.

Design & solution reviews

Design or Solution Reviews form a critical part of the implementation process. This process flow includes: training, requirements gathering/updating, configuration, walk through, acceptance, and adjustments.

Looking for an implementation partner for your next project?

Flintfox provides customers with support for a successful implementation that allows them to get their new ERP or CRM system up and running in a timely and cost effective manner.

Get started with Flintfox. We would be happy to talk to you about how we can deliver the implementation services to suit your unique project or environment and meet your implementation goals.