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Vendor rebate management made easy

One of the ways you can improve your profit margins is with efficiently and easily managing your vendor rebates. However, most companies face a variety of challenges when trying to manage their vendor rebates through separate systems, such as multiple documents and spreadsheets, and tracking pricing and allowance data from multiple vendors.

If you are trying to manage your vendor rebates this way, it not only costs time but you could be leaving money on the table without complete visibility of what you are owed.

Flintfox Vendor Rebates is your one-stop shop for maintaining a financial record of all purchase pricing and rebates offered by your vendors. With all agreed vendor pricing and rebates captured and held in the one system, along with the vendors, products and purchases they relate to, a full financial picture is always available.

Flintfox Vendor Rebates includes the following features:

Capture all vendor rebates

Quickly and accurately create, accrue, and reconcile all vendor rebate programs, based on purchases, sales out, or scan data.

Price list and rebate accuracy

Have the correct products attached to every purchasing price list and volume rebate, with the ability to edit these automatically whenever product attributes change.

Manual and automated payments

Automated order pricing and invoice settlement processing - for claims and deductions.

Automated accrual fund balance

Accurate automated accrual fund balance netting against all related shipments, orders, and store-level consumption including lump-sums.

Automated ‘go-live’ dates

Establish changes to vendor pricing deals and volume rebates ahead of time with the system automatically knowing when they are ‘live’ and taking them into account.

Integration with your ERP

All vendor pricing deals, volume rebates and other promotional incentives offered by vendors are set up in Flintfox meaning details are used directly, without manual intervention or ‘importing’ into your ERP.

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Relying on your vendors to get everything right may be the easiest option, but it will often leave revenue on the table instead of adding to your bottom line. Flintfox Vendor Rebates gives you an easy and efficient way to manage and track vendor rebates.