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Rebate management made easy

Rebates are an integral part of trading terms these days, rebates for both customers and vendors encourage loyalty and volume purchases. When rebate programs are tracked and managed well they can prove to be a hugely beneficial lever to encourage customer growth.

Calculating what has been accrued or owed through rebates, fees and commissions is not as easy as it sounds. It is common to have different rates (% or $) applied to various groups of customers across one or more ranges of products. Rebate management remains a challenge for many businesses across many verticals.

Without software to automate rebate calculations instantly at a transaction level, the administration task can be a real drain on resources. Employing teams of people to manage rebates manually defeats the purpose and adds more cost, not to mention questionable accuracy.

With Flintfox Rebate Management, we can help streamline the management and execution of your rebates and deliver results directly to your bottom line.

Rebate management software that suits you

What are the key benefits for your business?

Drive customer loyalty and retention

Quickly create customer volume incentive or growth plans, systematically managing accruals, payments, and reconciliation processes.

Capture all vendor & customer rebates

Quickly and accurately create, accrue, and reconcile all vendor and customer rebate programs, based on purchases, sales out, or scan data.

Commission management

Calculate and settle internal/ broker commissions, bonuses, and incentives. Easily handle split commissions; growth programs; net of rebates; deductions; or early payment discounts.

Easily adjust without compromising your data

Rebate adjustment facilities allow for changed targets, while simultaneously preserving data quality. Caters for issues such as late agreement changes, and renegotiation.

Automate the accruals process

Automatically post details to the relevant General Ledger accounts as they are accrued and/or paid for.

Sound good? Get started with Flintfox Rebate Management

Flintfox Rebate Management software for Customers and/or Vendors gives you an effective means to easily create, execute, and audit your rebate programs. Take some of weight off your shoulders and let Flintfox manage your rebate programs for you.