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A powerful tool to develop and execute complex promotions

Most companies face numerous challenges associated with executing promotional activities in their channel. Without proper visibility and promotional tracking tools, organisations struggle to improve promotional performance. External spreadsheet calculations and manual reconciliation to the ERP drives mistakes and inaccuracy.

Flintfox provides the tools and framework to seamlessly develop and execute complex trade promotions. We can help you seamlessly manage all aspects of your trade and promotional spend, including upfront invoice level discounts along with all retrospective programs based on purchases, sales, distributor sales, or even POS data.

Flintfox Promotions Management includes the following features:

Multiple promotional components

Rate based off-invoice ($ or %), bill-backs, scan-backs, lump-sum $s, BOGOF (buy one get one free), etc. It’s a long list.

Increase sales

Drive incremental sales via cross-sell/upsell, advanced mix and match promotions, and complex free goods offers.

Cross-team collaboration

Collaboration is supported through rules-based workflow for exception management, from the broker and account managers through to sales operations and finance.

Targeted promotions

Customers and items can be included, or excluded, within a desired date range across multiple pricing or promotion components.

Automated accrual fund balance

Accurate automated accrual fund balance netting against all related shipments, orders, and store-level consumption including lump-sums.

Real-time response to promotion performance

Adjust and respond to exceptions as they occur using dynamic pricing management. Resolve transaction mismatches such as off-invoice adjustments that do not match promotion agreement terms before they delay month-end reconciliations.

Want more from your Trade Promotions? Get started with Flintfox

While most trade and revenue management solutions provide management functions to help you deal with your customers or trade partners (sell-side), Flintfox can also manage the trade related activities associated with your suppliers or vendors (buy-side).

Flintfox Promotions Management provides an effective means to create and execute on various discount and promotional programs. Make your pricing and trade promotions smart before you start.