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Better together! Dynamics 365 with Trade Revenue Management.

Pricing and Rebate Management for Dynamics 365

While Dynamics 365 solutions provide robust functionality for Enterprise Resource Planning, many enterprises are discovering that integration to best of breed trade revenue management software provides amazing extra benefits. Integrating Dynamics 365 with Flintfox will enable efficient automated processes to meet your business needs for growth. You'll grow revenue through profitable trade promotions and encourage loyalty through rebate programs.

Increased productivity

Freed from redundant data entry in spreadsheets, your staff will be able to spend more time doing what matters. By leveraging workflows and trade agreements in Flintfox, less time is spent manually managing pricing, entering duplicate data and searching for information.

Get TRM features quickly

Integrating Dynamics 365 with Flintfox will allow you to gain new and amazing pricing and rebate functionality much more quickly and easily. You'll get best of breed Trade Revenue Management features without the need for a major Dynamics 365 upgrade that can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money.

Futureproof your solution

Should you decide to upgrade or change your ERP, Flintfox simply moves with you and you’re not stuck upgrading complex ERP developments. We’re always adding more functionality, meaning your options to leverage new pricing or rebate techniques are there for your benefit.

Happy customer

Could you be our next big success story like Tasti? Watch our video to see how that could play out...


“With TRM for Dynamics fully implemented in four states, Breakthru finally has a single business software solution used by all entities, catering for each state’s different legal and tax complexities regarding liquor distribution.”

Glen Hoch, Vice President of Business Development, Breakthru Beverage Group

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