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A hyper performance pricing engine for any ERP

RMx Advanced Pricing is the latest innovation from Flintfox and is a powerful, interfaced solution for pricing across your omni-channel environments. RMx Advanced Pricing uses state-of-the-art in-memory technology, delivering up to 17,000 price lines per second to any point of sale. From eCommerce and online catalogues to mobile devices or ERP order to cash, RMx Advanced Pricing delivers the same real-time pricing data for reduced pricing errors.

The first in a series of modules, RMx Advanced Pricing has been built using the very latest in software development architecture. Using Microservices, which has a smaller code base, maintenance is easier and much faster. Microservices reduces development time and effort, so new features and updates to Advanced Pricing are easier to develop and deploy.

For more efficient and accurate pricing, RMx Advanced Pricing also includes trade agreement management with full date support on agreements, customers, products, hierarchies, and pricing. With centralized agreement management for all your pricing, RMx Advanced Pricing includes member and product grouping with inclusions and exclusions to ensure all prices and discounts are given correctly when available.   

Flintfox RMx Advanced Pricing manages all of the pricing setup, maintenance, and execution with simple interfaces to any ERP or similar system with configurable calculation methods, price models and trade agreement management. 

RMx Advanced Pricing for more efficient and accurate pricing


Runs outside of SQL and ERP frameworks enabling it to scale up to several thousands of requests per second on basic hardware, eliminating table driven pricing.

Promotion combinations

Define pricing by any customer, product, or transactional attribute such as geography, parent, unit of measure and more.

Real-time pricing

Any changes to a pricing agreement are available immediately.

Integration with any ERP

Prolong the life of an aging system or supercharge a new one. RMx is the single source of pricing truth for your company, generating the same price regardless of source.

Configurable & sophisticated pricing rules

Calculates against rules that include cost plus, off invoice, quantity and/or dollar volume breaks. With best or priority based pricing selection, you can adjust to ever changing market conditions using configuration not code.

Experience the high-speed performance of RMx Advanced Pricing today

Connecting with any ERP, RMx Advanced Pricing extends the life of an existing system and is compatible with any future ERP you choose to upgrade to. RMx Advanced Pricing is your competitive advantage for managing the execution of any promotional discount, offer, and price in real time.

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