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The pathway to profitable growth through trade and revenue management

With a sound revenue management strategy, it becomes easier to understand the true profitability of the customer and vendor sales and purchase activity within an organisation. There are considerable costs involved in maintaining disparate sources of information for pricing and trade related expenses and income, in the form of multiple spreadsheets, or external sub systems. By consolidating systems and processes, maintenance costs are reduced and all data is readily available for return on investment (ROI) analysis to make it easier to identify effective and ineffective trade promotions as well as pricing and margin imbalances.

With immediate revenue and expense recognition facilities, Flintfox ensures no end-of-month or end-of-year overspend (or underspend) surprises, and gives organisations a more accurate picture of their profitability. As one of the pillars of trade and revenue management, profitability is an essential key to growth.

Flintfox solutions provide the following profitability benefits:

Real-time transparency into profitability

Gain real-time transparency of trade and revenue related finances to understand your true financial exposure and entitlements

Empower management teams

Empowered management based upon real data, including views of all commitments from vendors or to customers and any day-to-day changes. Improved accuracy and availability of financial reporting associated with the settlement process

Increase sales

Increase sales volumes under promotion by up to 20% and total net contributions margins by as much as 5%

Reduced trade costs

Reduce the cost of maintaining multiple trade or pricing systems, avoiding the chance of double payments, missed rebates, and increased rates of paybacks for invalid deductions

Eliminate ineffective promotions and strategies

Flintfox gives you more time to spot ineffective promotions or pricing imbalances and make changes in real-time to reduce P&L leakages and improve margins

Single ecosystem for financial visibility

With all promotions, deals, events, price lists, customer and/or vendor rebates, administrative fees, commissions, deductions and claims captured in one system, a full financial picture is always available

Interactive settlement workbench

Interactive claims and deduction workbenches ensure accurate and timely reconciliation of accrued income and expenses, as well as reduced supply chain errors

How can a Flintfox solution benefit your organisation?

Flintfox enables a true understanding of the ROI and margins of all trade and revenue management activities within an organisation. Determining which suppliers, customers, and channels generate the most profit allows for the redistribution of trade spend and resources to the most profitable opportunities.