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Gain powerful insight across all trade and revenue management activity in your business

The Flintfox trade revenue management suite automates the execution and reconciliation of pricing and accrual data to guard against errors, and creates real-time transactional analytics capabilities for organisations. The quality of data available to organisations determines the quality of business decisions.

With a best in class trade revenue management program, accurate data is available for planning, execution, and post event or post invoice analysis. Real-time decision support is available in order to understand how current pricing strategies and trade activities are performing, providing insight on the impact on margins and allowing appropriate action to be taken where needed.

Flintfox solutions provide the following actionable insights benefits:

Increase margins via targeted pricing

Create selling prices/programs based on a true understanding of all costs, including vendor rebates if applicable

Real-time pricing decisions

Empower salespeople to make informed, real-time decisions by fully understanding margins including vendor rebates, at the point of sale

Transactional pricing analysis

Analyse transactional elements (such as freight, ordering method, UOM) of the pocket price waterfall to determine where adjustments can be made without negatively affecting volume

Re-negotiate unprofitable pricing

Analyse where certain distributors/customers reside on the pocket price band and make necessary adjustments such as re-negotiating low volume customers that are under priced

Focus on high margin opportunity

Address margin and profitability opportunities by driving more volume to higher profit sales channels

Purchase decision support

Take advantage of vendor promotions or volume incentives with full visibility into all available offers

Streamline promotional planning and approvals

Quickly understand planned promotional spend considering promotional dates, volumes, and tactics, streamlining approval and execution processes

Real-time expense and revenue recognition

With real-time pricing, discounts, and accrual data, organisations have an accurate and up-to-date profit and loss situation that allows for better decisions when deciding whether to continue trade activities or not

Reduce revenue leakage

Detailed settlement facilities reduce leakage: quickly reconcile short payments, manage by exception, and greatly reduce administration efforts in working deductions or customer/vendor claims

How can a Flintfox solution benefit your organisation?

Flintfox solutions provide real-time visibility for businesses who require up-to-date data for reporting and analysis. Flintfox enables businesses to see how their trade and revenue management activity is performing in real-time and maintains a financial record for statutory or internal auditing processes.