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Build a results focused trade and revenue management program

In order to succeed in today’s competitive market, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers must ensure all pricing, discounts, and commitments are as automated as possible. This allows sales and other personnel to manage by exception as well as focus on profitable growth opportunities such as cross sell/upsell. Flintfox brings over 29 years of solution and industry expertise with hundreds of customers in manufacturing, distribution, and retail. This vast experience has allowed us to develop a core set of targeted industry best practices.

Flintfox solutions provide the following best practice benefits:

Automate settlements

Recognise expenses and revenue as they occur, greatly reducing end of period processing via real-time and automated accrual processing facilities

Full auditability

With increased accuracy and effectiveness organisations are easily able to meet compliance and auditory standards

Promote collaboration

Flintfox provides a single, fully integrated, revenue management ecosystem where sales, purchasing, and finance professionals can all access related tasks, promoting collaboration

Actionable insights

Flintfox provides a unique revenue management solution that allows organisations to not only work more efficiently, but have better visibility and insight into their vendor and customer profitability

Full financial visibility

End to end revenue management caters for pricing and rebates on any data set: purchase orders, sales orders, distributor sales, POS/scan data, ensuring no financial visibility gaps exist throughout the supply chain

Increase efficiency

Flintfox automates historically manual processes around pricing, accruals, and settlements, freeing up sales and finance personnel to focus on other key responsibilities within the organisation

How can a Flintfox solution benefit your organisation?

Flintfox provides the tools to enable businesses to make the best business decisions in relation to their trade and revenue management activity. Flintfox integrates and incorporates the strengths of each solution component into a framework that enables our clients to holistically focus on reducing costs and driving profitability.