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Integrated solutions to plan, execute and analyse all trade and revenue management activity

Flintfox provides integrated solutions to plan, execute and analyse all trade promotional and revenue management activities, including complex pricing, discounts, and promotions, as well as rebates, fees and commissions. Flexible agreement structures, master data grouping and maintenance facilities, as well as integrated settlement options streamline the entire revenue management process. Saved views, workflow enablement, and automated alerts drive team collaboration and speed up approvals and execution related to pricing, promotions, rebates, and deductions.

Automation increases efficiency at every step. Consolidation of data sources reduces the risk of execution delays, inaccurate data and the high costs associated with processing errors. Automated revenue and expense recognition facilities ensure auditing compliance and real-time P&L visibility, reducing reconciliation time required at the end of a given financial period.

Flintfox solutions provide the following automation benefits:

Increased accuracy

Ensure the correct vendors, customers, products, and order attributes are attached to every price list, promotion, rebate and settlement invoice or claim

Manage only master data

Minimise maintenance by defining agreement membership using unlimited hierarchies and attributing facilities; master file maintenance automatically updates all agreements. Ensure income and expenses are allocated automatically to the correct general ledger accounts

Automated financial adjustments

Record or recognise income and expense as the activity occurs, with automated accruals processing to appropriate ledger buckets

Manage only the exceptions

Reduce leakage with full deduction/claims workbench: quickly reconcile short payments, manage by exception, and greatly reduce administration efforts

Improve employee productivity

Improve employee productivity of financial administration, trade funds management, and account management teams and reduced dispute resolution time up to 90%

Reduce planning time

Plan comprehensive trade events including pricing, rebates, promotions, and performance commitments, reducing planning and communication cycle time from weeks or months to days or hours

How can a Flintfox solution benefit your organisation?

Flintfox enables control and integration of trade and revenue related systems and processes across the organisation. Flintfox creates a single unified ecosystem for complete financial integration and robust management of critical business processes synchronised with your organisation’s trade revenue management objectives.