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For accurate data in real-time with less effort

As one of the most important members of your organisation, you’re in charge of finding and retaining customers and the revenue they generate. A lack of visibility around customer profiles, orders and agreements can make it hard for you to provide accurate information to your customer. Mistakes on orders due to the time it took to process an update on an invoice can have a detrimental impact on both the customer and the revenue they generate. You need access to current and historical customer data in order to maintain the existing customer base and develop a competitive advantage.

Without an interconnected system that allows updates to be made instantly and information on current orders easily accessible, you cannot direct customers into more profitable product lines. Our solutions allow for start and end dates on promotional pricing so that you can analyse the effectiveness of promotions. With the ability to update pricing on agreements as they happen, errors are reduced and you can gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Flintfox suits all types of business

Develop a competitive advantage with Flintfox

With easy access to the information needed to negotiate agreements and collaborate with the customer channel regarding their objectives and initiatives, Flintfox solutions can help you effectively manage and grow your customer base.