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Advanced trade and revenue management software for eCommerce

Although e-commerce growth rates have slowed in recent years, global retail sales dollars are still increasing rapidly, estimated to be over $1.5 trillion USD by 2018. No longer is it just traditional online leaders like Amazon or Alibaba leading the charge. Brick and mortar behemoths like Walmart are also investing huge amounts in eCommerce. Large wholesale distributors and even manufacturers are beginning to take a direct to consumer approach. 

The omni-channel nature of the product pipeline puts a lot of pressure on organisations from a pricing and system performance perspective. Flintfox understands the importance of both speed and pricing flexibility when it comes to eCommerce. Utilise Flintfox’s super speed, in-memory RMx Performance Pricing engine to deliver accurate, real-time calculated prices across your enterprise, ensuring you maximise your revenue potential.

Flintfox functionality for eCommerce retailers

Speed and scalability

Super speed in-memory pricing engine scales to over 1 million price requests per minute, ensuring pricing is always accurate and calculated in real-time across an omni-channel sales strategy

Single source of pricing truth

A single source of truth for your organisation's pricing requirements to ensure accurate pricing regardless of where it is accessed from (ERP vs. web)

Reduce revenue leakage

Reduce lost revenue associated with latent or stale eCcommerce pricing, with the ability to instantly update prices in real-time when changes are made

In-memory technology

Execute complex pricing rules, against multi-terabyte databases, with sub-millisecond response times with in-memory pricing

Unlimited simultaneous requests

Perform unlimited simultaneous price requests, with no reduction in speed or performance

Eliminate pricing bottlenecks

Completely remove real-time pricing as the bottleneck for eCommerce websites

Increase efficiency

Eliminate double entry of pricing and promotions in ERP and the web for eCommerce orders

Eliminate static pricing

Eliminate table driven pricing due to limitations in system performance and scalability

Seamless integration

Easily connect nPrice to any application via web services: web, catalogue generator, ERP, EDI

Complete price waterfall visibility

Full list to net details calculated and sent back with price results for display of discount(s) as needed

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