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Advanced trade and revenue management software for retailers

Retailers operate in many formats and channels:  brick and mortar, online, catalogue based, boutique, and high volume. However, they all face the same revenue management challenge; Driving more sales at higher margins. The old adage of "right product, right time, and right price" has never been more difficult to realise in today's inter-connected markets.

How do we gain market share, upsell to existing customers, improve promotional campaigns and value perceptions, and drive profitable growth with so much margin pressure? Retailers must think omni-channel and take advantage of all available information to address today's "smart and social" shopper. Retailers must fully understand true cost and margins in light of all promotions and vendor rebate and support programs.

Flintfox understands the challenges associated with vendor trade and revenue management processes. Our experts know your industry. Flintfox can help your business drive collaboration with both suppliers and customers to achieve your revenue management goals.

How Flintfox can help your business

Minimise administration efforts

Utilise date effectivity and advanced agreement inclusion and exclusion facilities for all vendor pricing and rebates to quickly determine membership parameters and ensure accuracy

Pricing, speed & accuracy

In-memory pricing greatly reduces pricing calculation time and reduces price requests as a bottleneck in e-commerce, catalogues, or other applications

Reduce costs

Quickly recognise and take advantage of vendor cross-sell/upsell opportunities or forward buy opportunities to reduce costs

Capture vendor rebates

Manage volume incentive and vendor rebate/chargeback programs, based both on purchases from vendors, sell-in, or sell-out/POS data to customers/consumers

Increase sales

Drive incremental sales via cross-sell/upsell offers, advanced mix and match promotions, and complex free goods deals

Automate settlements

Expense activity as it occurs, reducing end of period reconciliation via real-time and automated accrual processing and settlement facilities

Flexible settlement options

Settle vendor rebates through accounts payable or accounts receivable via automated settlement jobs, deductions, or manual claims

Reduce leakage

Reduce leakage with full deduction workbench: quickly reconcile short payments, minimize days of sales outstanding, and greatly reduce administration efforts

Increase margins via targeted pricing

Empower the sales team to make informed decisions around pricing or at time of sale by fully understanding margins including vendor rebates

Improve financial accountability

Improve reporting and auditability with invoice line level tracking of all expenses and income including all promotions, discounts, and retrospective events

Thinking about a Flintfox solution for your organisation?

If you are trying to evaluate and consider potentially enhancing your current sales and trade revenue management processes and solutions, the first step is to identify the ultimate maturity goal you should strive for. As part of that evaluation process, it’s critical to define at an appropriate level, what needs to be done to move towards and achieve that goal.

If you’d like us to review this with you, we’d be happy to help. Contact us to discuss how we can deliver a trade and revenue management solution to suit your unique retail environment and meet your long-term profitability goals.