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Advanced trade and revenue management software for home furnishing manufacturing

Home furnishing manufacturers face a number of unique, industry specific challenges. Complex global supply chains require strategic and synchronised long-term planning, marketing, and forecasting. Changing consumer demand, proliferation of sales to big box stores, online retailer management, and container purchasing programs are just a few of these unique challenges. Retaining a motivated, knowledgeable, and fairly compensated sales force is yet another dilemma. Warranty processing, efficient returns management, parts and accessory services, and executing creative customer marketing programs are all essential to the sustainability of a home furnishings supplier.

Flintfox understands these pains and delivers innovative revenue management solutions to simplify pricing, promotion, and rebate complexity. With Flintfox, you can efficiently expense, accrue, and automatically settle liabilities, while operating within a dynamic omni-channel sales environment. Utilise Flintfox industry expertise and technology to drive efficiency, gain market share, and increase margins.

Flintfox functionality for home furnishing manufacturers

Minimise administration efforts

Define pricing, promotions, and rebates by any customer, product, or transactional hierarchy/attribute such as geography, chain, product collection, category, warehouse vs. container, simplifying agreement maintenance and increasing accuracy

Ensure accuracy

Utilise date effectivity and advanced agreement inclusion and exclusion facilities for all pricing/rebates to quickly determine membership parameters and ensure accuracy

Automate settlements

Expense activity as it occurs, greatly reducing end of month processing via real-time accrual processing and settlement facilities (automated updates/adjustments/corrections)

Configurable commission calculations

Calculate and settle sales rep commissions, bonuses, and incentives; split commissions, growth programs, net of rebates, deductions, or early payment discounts

Interactive deduction workbench

Reduce leakage with full deduction workbench: quickly reconcile short payments, minimize days sales outstanding, and greatly reduce administration efforts

Effective promotional support

Customer level promotional support: off-invoice discounts, instant credits, defective allowances, floor samples, and more

Buy-in pricing

Buy-in pricing for new placement or Highpoint/Vegas market show orders

Manage floor sample policies

Manage floor sample policies with appropriate discounts and quantity provisions

Manage pricing by order type

Manage intricacies of domestic vs. container pricing, as well as customer drop ship orders from the warehouse

Buying group management

Seamlessly manage relationships, as well as discounts and rebates to customers/buying groups on individual and/or group volume attainment levels

Flexible commission payments

Flexible commission payments on order type (floor sample vs. special orders), product category, product quantity/volume, account type, and more

Subsidy program management

Manage various subsidy program accruals (trailing credits, floor samples, co-op, rebates, return allowances, advertising support, POP) with optional settlement methods by program

Thinking about a Flintfox solution for your organisation?

If you are trying to evaluate and consider potentially enhancing your current sales and trade revenue management processes and solutions, the first step is to identify the ultimate maturity goal you should strive for. As part of that evaluation process, it’s critical to define at an appropriate level, what needs to be done to move towards and achieve that goal.

To determine your pathway to growth, simply download The pathway to growth through trade and revenue management to step through the challenges and growth strategies, and diagnose your organisation’s phase of trade and revenue management maturity.

If you’d like us to review this with you, we’d be happy to help. Contact us to discuss how we can deliver a trade and revenue management solution to suit your unique manufacturing environment and meet your long-term profitability goals.