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Be disruptive: Aligning business with technology

There has been a shift in the role of the CIO and the IT department, IT is no longer just “maintaining the technology”. It is now the responsibility of the CIO to collaborate with day-to-day operations to ensure that the technology in place actively helps the organisation achieve its business objectives. As CIO, you must now be a collaborative ally of business operations and an influencer for change within the organisation.

The rise in mobile and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in business operations are good examples where you must now step in to ensure that the technology involved is appropriate for your organisation’s needs. Our solutions are scalable, meaning that they will grow with your organisation and support the goals of your enterprise. With the ability to integrate into a new or existing ERP system, data accuracy is improved and the number of data entry points is reduced.

Flintfox suits all types of business

Become a partner for innovation with Flintfox

With the role of the CIO changing from managing IT to driving innovation, the right tools need to be in place to support the growth and goals of an organisation. Flintfox supports you in this endeavour with the right mix of functionality and proven experience.