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Advanced trade and revenue management software for office products and janitorial & sanitation distribution

Office products and janitorial & sanitation (JanSan) distributors face a multitude of challenges in today's competitive market. Global expansion, big box and e-commerce competition, nearly unmanageable levels of products and price, along with complex requirements around the execution of manufacturer based programs to the channel are just a few of those challenges.

Flintfox understands your industry and brings the expertise and technology to address those needs. Reduce revenue leakage by accurately executing and claiming all vendor rebate programs such as growth plans or deviated costs. With Flintfox, you can quickly and efficiently execute complex pricing and incentive programs, customer rebates, and internal commissions. Outdated and siloed systems often prevent the industry from micro-managing margins and understanding customer and product level profitability. Utilise the Flintfox best in class pricing and rebate flexibility, along with the super speed, in-memory RMx Performance Pricing engine to ensure accurate, real-time calculated prices across the enterprise and protect shrinking margins.

Flintfox functionality for office products and janitorial & sanitation distributors

Minimise administration and increase accuracy

Define pricing, discounts, and rebates by any customer, vendor, product, or transactional hierarchy/attribute such as market, account type, product group, payment method, salesperson, ship point, simplifying agreement maintenance and increasing accuracy

Pricing speed and scalability

Super speed in-memory pricing engine scales to over 1 Million price requests per minute, ensuring pricing is always calculated accurately and in real-time across an omni-channel sales strategy

Automate settlements

Expense activity as it occurs, greatly reducing end of month processing via real-time accrual processing and settlement facilities (automated updates/adjustments/corrections)

Increase sales

Utilise cross-sell/upsell and directed selling abilities to increase order volumes and drive additional revenue

Manage group memberships

Manage buying group/GPO membership, along with date sensitivity; seamlessly execute related pricing, discounts, administration fees, commissions, and rebate programs

Manage volume incentives

Manage volume incentive programs, based on purchases from vendors and sales to customers, with the ability to control percentages flowing each way

Configurable commission calculations

Calculate and settle commissions, bonuses, and incentives; split commissions, growth programs, net of rebates, deductions, or early payment discounts

Increase margins via targeted pricing

Empower sales professionals to make informed decisions at time of sale by fully understanding margins including vendor rebates

Supplier fund management

Track marketing funds/budgets by supplier, along with booked settlements and balances to ensure no money is left on the table

Managed cost visibility

Calculate and store multiple levels of managed costs for outbound pricing and sales professional visibility/commissions

Trade fund management

Ability to track all financial transactions by Supplier assigned Fund as well as in house campaign for reporting purposes

Manage deviated cost contracts

Manage deviated cost contracts, ensuring accurate customer pricing and supplier rebate tracking

Thinking about a Flintfox solution for your organisation?

While most trade spend and revenue management solutions provide management functions to help you deal with your customers or trade partners (sell-side), Flintfox can also manage the trade related activities associated with your suppliers or vendors (buy-side), including pricing, promotions and rebates.