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Advanced trade and revenue management software for hi tech distribution

The hi tech distribution market faces many challenges in today's market. Diminishing margins, direct competition from manufacturers, and omni-channel real time pricing performance are just a few of these unique challenges.

Flintfox understands distribution. We deliver solutions to drive additional revenue to your bottom line. Protect margins by ensuring all vendor rebates, supplier contracts, and pricing elements are accurately executed, accrued, and claimed, regardless if triggered by purchase orders, sales orders, or partner POS data. Quickly reconcile chargebacks and deductions using an interactive workbench. Utilise Flintfox’s world-leading pricing and rebate flexibility, along with our super speed, in-memory RMx Performance Pricing engine to ensure accurate, real-time calculated prices across the enterprise. Gain market share and protect margins by effectively managing both buy and sell side operations using the Flintfox best in class suite of revenue management solutions.

Flintfox functionality for hi tech distributors

Minimise administration and increase accuracy

Define pricing, discounts, and rebates by any customer, vendor, product, or transactional hierarchy/attribute such as geography, direct/wholesale, product group, pack size/UOM, order origin, simplifying agreement maintenance and increasing accuracy

Pricing speed and scalability

Super speed in-memory pricing engine scales to over 1 Million price requests per minute, ensuring pricing is always calculated accurately and in real-time across an omni-channel sales strategy

Automate settlements

Expense activity as it occurs, greatly reducing end of month processing via real-time accrual processing and settlement facilities (automated updates/adjustments/corrections)

Increase sales

Utilise cross-sell/upsell and directed selling abilities to increase order volumes and drive additional revenue

Manage volume incentives

Manage volume incentive programs, based on purchases from vendors and sales to customers, with the ability to control percentages flowing each way

Flexible settlement options

Settle customer and vendor rebates/chargebacks through accounts payable or accounts receivable via automated settlement jobs, deductions, or manual claims

Automate financial accruals

Create or adjust accrual programs with retrospective dates, with the system automatically accounting for historical invoice data and financial postings

Reduce revenue leakage

Reduce leakage with full claims/deduction workbench: quickly reconcile short payments, minimise days sales outstanding, fully capture all available vendor chargebacks, and greatly reduce administration efforts

Manage margin protection

Manage all elements of pre-list or base cost mark ups for a product (freight, warehouse, insurance, adders, margin protection, and more)

Interactive claims workbench

Utilise claims workbench to request manufacturer payment, categorize debit requests, and analyse unclaimed balances

Manage end-user deals and support

Execute end-user/specially negotiated indirect deals or quotes along with proper discounts to customers and manufacturer support

Supplier and internal fund tracking

Properly track deal support to internal or in-house campaigns as well as supplier funded spend buckets; report on budget/fund amounts vs. spent

Thinking about a Flintfox solution for your organisation?

While most trade spend and revenue management solutions provide management functions to help you deal with your customers or trade partners (sell-side), Flintfox can also manage the trade related activities associated with your suppliers or vendors (buy-side), including pricing, promotions and rebates.