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Flintfox chosen to manage deductions and accruals

About them

Our client is an industry leading manufacturer of heavy duty power tools, accessories and hand tools for professional users worldwide.


Why they chose Flintfox

  • Complex pricing functionality out of the box, including handling free goods in promotions pricing calculations, and the removal of manual processes.
  • Automatic calculation of accruals and payment processing once approved.
  • One place to manage all pricing, promotions and incentives e.g. rebate accruals.

The Challenge

The challenge for our client to remain competitive was that the existing ERP no longer met business requirements; a more comprehensive solution for price management was needed. An out of the box solution to managing pricing remains difficult for many manufacturers, particularly for those who have complex or unusual pricing requirements.

Our client wanted one place, one system to maintain ‘list’ pricing and also to calculate price adjustments associated with promotions.
After selecting Dynamics AX as the new ERP, our client’s team recognised the need for an additional solution specifically to manage accruals, deductions, and complex pricing. The solution also needed to compliment Dynamics AX to make future upgrades easy, as well as ongoing easy maintenance.

The Solution

Our client decided to implement TRM for AX, Flintfox’s Trade Revenue Management solution for Dynamics AX. By being fully embedded within Dynamics AX, the Flintfox solution provided the additional functionality without needing to leave the ERP to access it.

Our client experienced 20% sales growth during the first year after the implementation of the new TRM for AX solution. It became possible to easily calculate complex pricing scenarios, such as accounting for the free goods added when a customer purchases a certain combination of various products. TRM for AX has also allowed the company to manage accruals easily, by automatically calculating the accrual and processing the payment once approved.

Additionally, the company has reduced margin leakage as a result of a solution that allows easier deductions management. Expenses are accrued pending final deduction, or claim-based payment. This has reduced the number of surprises on their bottom line and improved customer service as a result of better tracking of what is actually owed.

5 stars
"With Flintfox we have reduced the number of surprises to our bottom line with more accurate tracking and accruing of our deductions. It means we can be sure that our customers are receiving the right amount they’re owed and we can process the payment much faster."

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