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PGG Wrightson choose Flintfox TRM & RMx
for instant, accurate pricing

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About PGG Wrightson

PGG Wrightson is a leading provider in the agricultural sector offering a wide range of products, services, and solutions to growers, farmers, and processors.

PGG Wrightson have 94 rural supply stores and needed a pricing solution that could handle their complex pricing needs, including various trade promotions, to be embedded within their Dynamics 365 F&O ERP. Rather than storing 10s of millions of prices, Flintfox will calculate them instantly when required.


Why they chose Flintfox

PGG Wrightson were looking for a partner that could provide one source of price calculation and centralized price maintenance for POS, ERP and eCommerce sales channels.

The partner needed a deep understanding of pricing complexity in both B2B and B2C channels. Flintfox had that knowledge and also a deep understanding of Dynamics 365, what a match!

Most importantly PGG Wrightson had recently implemented D365 F&O and wanted a solution that worked within their ERP and did not sit outside of it. Flintfox being embedded in the ERP was an obvious up side to the team at PGG Wrightson.

The Challenge

PGG Wrightson have complexity to their pricing that standard Dynamics trade agreements could not cater for. That meant the majority of their pricing was maintained in spreadsheets and flat files requiring daily uploads. Error logs and pricing clashes were having to be resolved continuously. Other issues include:

A high level of maintenance, checking and uploading had become the norm for the PGG Wrightson team. Some promotions PGG Wrightson wanted to implement were not supported via standard D365 trade agreements. Also, the variability of pricing across regions for the same SKU was something PGG Wrightson wanted to address with the Flintfox solution.

PGG Wrightson were broadening their sales channels and did not want to replicate pricing and price maintenance or have to import pricing into the various applications supporting them. One source of pricing was what PGG Wrightson were focused on

In summary, a combination of the outlined price management challenges together with business growth across sales channels resulted in PGG Wrightson seeking a more modern and efficient solution to manage their pricing processes.

The Solution

PGG Wrightson chose to use Flintfox TRM to centralize their source of pricing for any sales channel. This was also supercharged with the RMx Performance Pricing engine for ultra-fast pricing calculations and the ability to send pricing to any requesting application in real time.

The Flintfox solution provided the following benefits:

  • Flintfox advanced trade agreements to cater for complex pricing and trade promotions.
  • A single platform embedded within D365 to maintain all pricing and promotions.
  • Elimination of multiple systems and manual work to maintain retail review sheet and transaction files.
  • Ease of use to maintain complex price matrices and promotions within D365 in one place.

PGG Wrightson will benefit from:

  • Instant, accurate pricing delivered to all sales channels from a single source.
  • Elimination of daily spreadsheet maintenance to keep pricing accurate.
  • Reduced pricing administration and reduced errors.
  • A single source of pricing truth.
  • A solid approval workflow for new pricing to go live.
5 stars
"We discovered Dynamics was not going to cater for our pricing complexity. Flintfox offers us the functionality and speed we need, all embedded within D365 F&O, one system to manage all our pricing."

Richard Olds
Head of Supply Chain, PGG Wrightson

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