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oil and gas customer success story

Industrial Manufacturer uses Flintfox for faster Price Management

About them

The company has thousands of employees that are located in multiple countries across the world. They are a global leader of technology solutions in a division of the Oil and Gas Industry

oil and gas customer success story
oil and gas customer success story

Why they chose Flintfox

  • Reduced risk and cost by using an ‘out of the box’ integrated solution instead of vast customization's to base AX to manage their complex pricing and rebate requirements.
  • A scalable and automated solution for general ledger postings and Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable settlements.
  • With plans to roll out the solution set globally after the initial implementation, the company needed an upgradable and consistent solution.

The Challenge

In 2017 the United States made chip-based credit cards with pin numbers compulsory, meaning retailers across the country needed to upgrade their equipment to accept the new chip-based cards. With 50% of the market share, this company did not have the systems in place to handle the substantial spike in sales of their technology that came as a result of the changes.

This manufacturer had two main challenges they were looking to address with an ‘out of the box’ solution, having already experienced the issues associated with trying to introduce too many customisation's to Microsoft Dynamics AX. The first challenge was to change the way they were handling their complex pricing. With over a thousand price calculations done with a team that manually calculated the price or used an external CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) system that didn’t integrate back to AX.

The other challenge they wanted to overcome was how they manage their rebates manually. They wanted an effective management tool for their complex rebates and commissions including instant rebates, volume rebates, and flat and tiered rebates and commissions.

The Solution

This manufacturer was introduced to Flintfox through their Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner, who identified that their key challenge was over customising the base AX product. The Partner recommended using the Microsoft Independent Software Vendor’s to find an integrated solution for Dynamics AX, delivering the functionality they need without customisation. The manufacturer recognised Flintfox as the ideal solution, all the functionality they needed is delivered out of the box would be easily replicable to roll out across their many locations around the world.   

The company will evolve from inefficient and often inaccurate processes to an integrated and best of breed solution to manage their complex pricing activities. They will now be able to manage and automate contract pricing, bundle pricing with complex mix and match and conditional requirements, usage of break based OI price components, and transactional promotional code pricing/discounts. 

Flintfox's TRM for AX solution automates the calculation of discounts and promotions, reducing the risk of data-input errors and removing the decision making process around discounts and promotions for the Sales team. Discounts will be automatically applied when products, that are part of a promotion, are selected and the Sales team will have complete visibility of cross-sell/up-sell opportunities. This was a big factor in the company’s decision to go with TRM for AX, a solution that offered a deep level of functionality in the core solution.

TRM for AX will empower the Sales teams, delivering the ability to enter in the products on a sales order and calculate the right price without having to manually look up all the potential discounts and deals in place. Furthermore, once the sales order is confirmed, it will go straight back into AX where they will use Flintfox's RMx Performance Pricing engine to update the pricing instantly whether as a quote or directly onto the sales order.

5 stars
"This industrial manufacturer selected TRM for AX and the RMx Performance Pricing engine to have an integrated business solution that could handle their complex pricing scenarios and rebates. In a single view, they will able to determine which promotions are profitable with visibility of pricing in real time. The company will have all the functionality they need, out of the box with no need for customisations."

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