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Why Globus chose Flintfox for price management and promotion pricing calculated in real time


About Globus Australia

Globus Family of Brands is an international wholesale travel company, providing travel packages to retail travel companies including Flight Centre and HelloWorld. With their head office located in Lugano, Switzerland, they have offices located worldwide. 

Globus Australia currently encompasses four brands: Globus tours, Cosmos tours, Avalon river cruises, Monograms independent tours with their three main markets being Asia/Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Often, Globus customers have travelled with Globus before, or have been recommended by past travellers - a great achievement in a competitive industry.

globus tour bus
globus travel tours

Why they chose Flintfox

Globus is a travel company selling packages to travel agencies, with only a small percentage of direct sales. They needed more efficiency in their promotional process, having no promotional functionality in their current system.

Globus selected Flintfox RMx Performance Pricing. RMx allowed them to expand the range of promotions and mix and match available promotional offers while ensuring accuracy with real time calculated pricing.

RMx allowed Globus to price tours and combinations of tours instantly recognising bundled rates and promotional offers.

The Challenge

Firstly, the biggest challenge Globus faced was accurate promotion pricing. In the past, they have used a manual process to generate promotions as their previous systems struggled to create more flexible tour options. Without these tour promotions Globus was missing out on upselling multiple tours, driving wider interest in tours and tour volume as travel incentives are an important part of the marketing mix. 

Secondly, Globus was missing the functionality needed to conduct the types of promotions they want to do. On their website, additional incentive were often not displayed or available to view, making them invisible to other passengers and agents. Unless contact was made directly with the company at time of booking, the handler of the booking may not have realised there was a promotion applicable to the passenger. This resulted in inaccurate tour pricing and loss of upselling potential on tour packages. 

Thirdly, with the two challenges above, human error was frequent as promotions were often applied incorrectly or not applied at all. There were instances of promotions not added onto bookings and tours that did not actually qualify for a promotion. Largely because the systems were not flexible enough to handle the types of promotions specific to the travel industry.

The Solution

With the Flintfox RMx Performance Pricing solution, Globus will supercharge their pricing speed and flexibility. RMx will enable quick and accurate price calculations delivering these prices to the Globus eCommerce platform and SQL server database. RMx will be on premise and interface with the SQL database stack featuring a custom interface that handles their bookings and eCommerce user interface.

Globus will be able to apply rules to their promotions, showing when a booking is or is no eligible for any promotional incentives and any restrictions that might apply. These rules will apply regardless of whether there is only one type of promotion or multiple promotions that may apply to the one booking. These promotions and rules can be set up ahead of time and tested to ensure they are delivering the right price, bundled price and associated incentives.

RMx will apply the promotion rules automatically and instantly at the time of the sale to ensure accuracy of pricing and incentives are offered. RMx will also provide reassurance that no promotion will run longer than intended, with a start and end date for all promotions.

5 stars
"Our biggest problem was always promotions – how to find, apply and process them correctly. Flintfox RMx has been able to simplify this process, allowing us to sort and apply any promotional rules automatically and instantly, for more accurate bookings."

Starr Prendergast
Operations Manager, Globus

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