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Brightstar finds a global solution for vendor rebates with Flintfox 


About Brightstar

Brightstar Corporation is a leading global distributor of wireless technology including Apple, Blackberry, Sony and Samsung cell phones. Brightstar supplies some of the largest telecommunications retailers and operators, and works closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to market products.

brightstar customer success story
brightstar customer success story

Why they chose Flintfox

  • They required a unified global solution for their vendor rebate management, (for, Chile, Peru and Colombia with a host of others to follow including their European and South East Asian companies).
  • A full and up-to-date audit trail is now easily available to meet the legal and accounting obligations in each country that they operate in.
  • They now have complete visibility of failing or successful promotions for better decision making and analysis of which vendors and rebate programs are performing and those that are not.

The Challenge

As a global business, Brightstar had implemented the Microsoft Dynamics SL system across their divisions however each division’s system was heavily customised and each system was a different version. This meant that visibility of profitability and access to accurate reporting across the divisions was incredibly difficult. This, along with the legal and accounting obligations that needed to be met, meant that the leadership team wanted to find a more unified solution.

Their main challenge however was managing rebates, as a large portion of their revenue stemmed from vendor rebates based on purchasing volume as well as marketing fund dollars. Brightstar processes several million dollars in rebates a month, a mammoth task that had previously been managed by the individual divisions through excel spreadsheets.

The payment and reconciliation of accruals and claims as well as running multiple valid promotions during the same period was also a challenge facing the company.

The Solution

To address the challenges outlined above, Brightstar implemented Dynamics AX as their new ERP system. The ERP system was rolled out across all divisions without the need for individual customisations to maintain consistency across the company.

To address the company’s issues surrounding vendor debits and customer credits they were introduced to the Flintfox TRM for AX solution. Flintfox has allowed Brightstar to better manage their complex purchasing and sales contracts that often include special discount pricing terms along with volume and growth based rebate provisions.

Brightstar can now run multiple valid promotions during the same period and receive more accurate reporting at the conclusion of those promotions. This means that Brightstar can target specific retailers and capture valuable analytics and insight to improve sales. The company can also quickly identify promotions that are failing so they don’t become a drain on resources, and also identify promotions that are highly successful.

5 stars
“We needed a solution that we could roll out around the world to have complete visibility of our profitability in all our locations. Flintfox for AX provides the visibility we need and the power to identify failing promotions so we can stop them.”

Dean Dawes
VP Internal Applications, Brightstar

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