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Dedicated performance services to optimise your core IT systems

Flintfox has extensive experience providing system performance optimisation, support, and monitoring of SQL Server and Microsoft Dynamics® environments to a range of customers including some of the largest and most complex implementations of Dynamics 365, AX, NAV, and CRM.

We offer a deep knowledge of diagnostics, best practices, benchmarks, code optimization, and database performance tuning techniques. A Flintfox System Performance Health Check is often where our engagement begins. This service can be used to identify performance and application risks, and ensure compliance with industry best practices, as well as detecting problems before they arise and adversely affect your business.

We provide a wide range of Performance engineering services including:

System health check

Our comprehensive health check involves a thorough review of your system to identify performance and application risks. It includes a scorecard showing the state of each key area, and a prioritized list of recommendations to improve the stability, reliability, and overall performance of your system. We provide a clear picture of the health of your system, areas for improvement, and uncover potential performance risks.

Pre go-live load testing

A pre go-live load test allows problems to be identified and resolved before bringing your system online and potentially adversely affecting your business. A Flintfox load testing program significantly improves the chance of a successful go-live, validates your system, and provides you with a view of the performance you should expect when you flick the switch.

Load testing and benchmarking

The Flintfox Load Testing program puts your system through its paces and stresses it to identify bottle necks. The goal is to remove restrictions that are limiting your systems potential. We simulate higher than expected loads to test the limits and to gauge the current headroom for growth and expansion.

System monitoring and servicing

Much like the engine of your car requires regular servicing to maintain high performance and reliability, Flintfox Consulting Group can provide regular servicing of your SQL Server database including continuous system monitoring and periodic health checks. With continuous monitoring and assessment of your ERP, CRM, and/or SQL Server environment(s), our team can identify and resolve issues before they cause system degradation or downtime.

Performance diagnostics, analysis & tuning

With the database lying at the heart of any complex system, the state of your SQL Server environment can have a large impact on the performance of your applications as a whole. We often see a significant improvement in application responsiveness and general user experience after we have optimized the database configuration, storage structures, indexes, maintenance plans, and the occasional SQL code.

Code analysis and optimization

Our team are expert Microsoft developers armed with state of the art, custom built, code analysers enabling the quick identification of code inefficiencies. With significant experience with Best Practices and the AX Customization Analysis Tool (CAT), Flintfox can recommend and apply code changes for compliance with Microsoft and industry standards.

Looking for performance engineering services to optimise your enterprise environment?

Flintfox provides the skills and toolset to help optimise the performance of Dynamics 365, AX, NAV, and CRM.

If you’d like to discuss your performance engineering requirements, contact us today. We would be happy to talk to you about how we can deliver enhanced performance within your existing environment and help you meet your business goals.