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Custom software development services for Flintfox and Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, and CRM solutions

Flintfox development services range from simple development projects through to creating complex functional modules for customers. Our team provides development services for Dynamics AX, NAV, CRM and the Flintfox suite of trade and revenue management solutions.

We provide a wide range of development services including:

Maintained environment of customisation

Flintfox maintains a current copy of each customer environment where we perform customisation's. This allows us to have access to the latest code base so we can provide the timeliest response.

Version control of all customisations

Flintfox ensures branches of code are maintained for all custom development completed by our team.

Customisation development process

Development gaps are identified and documented during the analysis phase. Every effort is made to address gaps with training or process changes related to the solution before customisation of the solution is recommended. Any remaining gaps are ranked and effort levels assigned by the Flintfox consultants. The effort is then formalised with work orders to initiate the development process.

Requirements gathering and analysis

Each business is different and some do have specific business requirements. Early on in the implementation process, a consultant will gather requirements and provide a fit/gap analysis to identify areas, if any, that may require custom modification.

Quality assurance and release management

Flintfox ensures that all development completed by our team goes through a thorough quality assurance process before the code is released to our customers. Additionally, we work with our customers to ensure that effective code release management is in place for each customer.

Looking for a development partner for your next project?

Flintfox provides customers with the option for custom software development building on the Dynamics AX, NAV, CRM and Flintfox family of solutions. This allows our clients to deploy the software in a manner that best meets their business requirements.

To discuss your custom development requirements, get in touch with us. We’d be happy to talk to you about how we can deliver a development service to suit your unique project or environment and meet your development goals.