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Handle changes in your business with insight and agility

Businesses that can identify shifting dynamics and respond to them quickly and effectively, will succeed. Flintfox provides help with the strategy and tactics adopted to address key business issues that affect your bottom line.

We are your partner in business transformation with the expertise to bring new and innovative ideas to your organisation.

Our business consulting services include:

Project management

We provide project management services for implementations or more complex projects involving multiple parties. All Flintfox professionals have strong project management skills and collaborative work habits to provide the vital link between Flintfox personnel and diverse implementation team structures.

Initial site review

Integrated planning and project scoping initiatives give the best chance of success. We believe that an upfront investment in time to understand and document current processes, people, departments, and entities involved or affected by the planned business solution is invaluable in transforming your business.


From the initial project scoping effort, Flintfox consultants analyse the customers’ situation looking for the good, the bad, the disjointed and any inefficiencies or potential issues. From there, our team then determines the best overall solution recommendation and implementation strategy.

Business process analytics

Building on our deep domain expertise, Flintfox consultants can help customers identify and document their main responsibilities and provide guidance on the recommended tasks and functions they perform. Throughout the entire process, Flintfox places a strong emphasis on a core value of collaboration across the enterprise.

Interim executive support

For companies who may be going through transition or organizational change that would benefit from experienced Financial and IT leadership and strategic guidance, Flintfox can provide executive level IT support on an interim basis.

The insight to know how to transform your business, with the capabilities to do it

Change is good, transformation is better. Flintfox has the knowledge and experience to help you accelerate the transformation process across your business. We are here to help transform the way you do business.

Any of our Flintfox professionals are happy to talk to you about how we can deliver the business services to meet your strategic objectives.