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Be disruptive - aligning business with technology

Do you want to drive profitability and create a competitive advantage? If so, you need to be engaged with IT decisions as technology will enable your organisation to disrupt your competitors. The old assumption that a CEO focuses solely on the business and IT ‘just maintained systems’ is no longer accurate, there now needs to be a solid alliance between Business and IT.

For the business side to ignore the opportunities that technology can deliver, means that potential disrupters to your organisation gain the upper hand and actually become disruptive. Flintfox delivers solutions that help to drive profitability, enable automation and workflow, support best practice and produce real-time visibility for your organisation. 

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As CEO, what do you need to do?

For the alliance between business and technology to be successful, you must become a technology influencer within your organisation. User adoption has a higher chance of success when employees see that the decision-makers fully support the initiatives or solutions they are implementing.

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Benefits of Flintfox software