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Flintfox Acquires eCentric Group to Strengthen Professional Service Capabilities

Published: Tue, December 08, 2015

Flintfox International announces acquisition of California based eCentric Group to strengthen global professional services for enhanced implementation and partner support.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand December 8th, 2015 — Flintfox International, a leading provider of trade revenue management and pricing solutions, today announced it has acquired California-based eCentric Group. The acquisition of the Microsoft Dynamics® consultancy firm will enable Flintfox to further strengthen its services capabilities to deliver a global professional services experience to its growing multi-national client base.

“This acquisition will allow us to extend our implementation resources to meet a rapidly expanding customer base,” says Flintfox CEO, Mike Ridgway. “eCentric’s knowledge of both the Dynamics solution set and first class supply chain, trade and logistics industry experience will assist tremendously as our business grows globally. While Consumer Goods and Retail industry verticals remain a corner stone of our business, new global enterprise opportunities has required us to expand our geographical presence over recent months.” continues Ridgway.

Flintfox purchased eCentric Group in early October, from founder and owner Jason Greene in a move to further strengthen its services capabilities to deliver a global professional services experience to its multi-national client base. Greene, who is located in California, will be joining the Flintfox North American management team in a professional services capacity.

“Having worked with Flintfox in the past, this was a perfect opportunity to leverage our skills across strategic verticals and on a global scale.  We have a lot of respect for what Mike and his team have accomplished and we are excited to be part of such a dynamic, rapidly growing company.” Says Greene, “I look forward to our team at eCentric being able to contribute to further strengthening the services capabilities at Flintfox.”

The move builds on the company’s selective acquisition strategy following the establishment of a new office in the UK and the acquisition of AX Excellence, a Singapore-based consultancy specializing in Microsoft Dynamics® AX, to form Flintfox Asia earlier this year. “We were concerned about our bandwidth and ensuring we maintain an excellent customer experience despite the rapid yet sustainable growth Flintfox is experiencing”, continues Ridgway. “The acquisition further supports our investment in the Microsoft Dynamics® platform and commitment to support our partners by supplementing our ISV resources in the North American market. In terms of product roadmap, it will allow our R&D team to access first class industry experience to make our product best in class.”

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Flintfox Appoints Microsoft Dynamics Industry Veteran to Lead Global Professional Services

Published: Thu, November 19, 2015

Flintfox International appoints leading Microsoft Dynamics expert to support customer expectations and delivery of services.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand — November 19, 2015 — Flintfox International, a leading provider of trade revenue management and pricing solutions, today announced the appointment of Tom Patterson to the role of Chief Consulting Officer. An Tom Pattersonappointment designed to strengthen the delivery of our global professional services footprint on the back of considerable growth in new clients across multiple geographies. 

Patterson brings with him years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics and a strong background in the management of business operations, growth and profitability. All of which will aid Flintfox to meet the expectations of its multinational client base during multi-site implementations of their revenue management solutions.

“As Flintfox experiences rapid growth internationally, it’s imperative that we establish both industry and business expertise within the company to support our implementation pipeline,” says Mike Ridgway, Chief Executive Officer, Flintfox International.

“Tom will be a great customer advocate at the highest level of the organization. As a company we felt that to service a global client base we needed to create this role to give a cohesive view and management to our professional services operation globally”, continues Ridgway.

Prior to joining Flintfox, Patterson served as President of Celenia Software and managed partner relations with the Microsoft Leadership team as Vice President at MBS Dev\United Stationers. His new position, as Chief Consulting Officer of Flintfox International, will provide our team’s access to first class supply chain, trade and logistics industry experience to make Flintfox services and product solutions best in class.

“Flintfox has an outstanding team and this role represents a coming of age for the company as they evolve from an international company headquartered in New Zealand, to a truly global provider of trade revenue management solutions and services” says Tom Patterson, Chief Consulting Officer of Flintfox International. “With operations located across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific it’s the perfect time to unify our global services delivery organization.”

The appointment of Tom Patterson builds on the company’s broader growth strategy, following the acquisition of AX Excellence in Singapore at the beginning of the year.

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